Massive Smartphone sales reveal growing security concerns

According to recent Gartner and IDC reports, the total sales of smartphones in 2011 went as high as 490 million units. This number is estimated to rise to 600 million units in the current year and we need to take a second to take in these figures. Smartphones are steadily embedding themselves in lives all over the world and it is no surprise that a majority of them are used for accessing social networks, accessing email accounts, carrying out financial transactions and for other online activities. Web-based applications are the driving force behind this revolution as more customers are getting access to faster data transfer speeds and more affordable data plans.

With such large numbers of people connected online through their smartphones, the need for securing these devices is paramount. Experience with PCs proves that higher visibility brings greater vulnerability. A majority of consumers are still unaware about the potential dangers of mobile malware and other privacy related concerns. Hackers and scammers take advantage of this ignorance and devise several social engineering techniques to trick people. Quick Heal Mobile Security is one of the best tools around for smartphone protection and the wide range of features we offer ensures that you can breathe easy whenever you utilize your smartphone for web based activities.

Rahul Thadani

Rahul Thadani


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  1. Now a days many peoples are switching to smartphones. Here are a few tips which will helps to keep your data secure on your phone

    1) Use the Security PIN to lock your phone as the 55% of consumers do not use a PIN to lock their phones. Mobile content is especially vulnerable to hackers and thieves.

    2) Do not store any of your banking passwords on your phone many of us and nearly 24% of people use to store computer or banking passwords on their smartphones. Hardly 40% of consumers say losing their phone is worst than losing their purse, and two million mobile phones are lost or stolen every year. That’s one every fifteen seconds this was the count told during 2011.

    3) Use the registered Mobile Security Software that can remotely locate, access and wipe your phone, There are services that can remotely access a lost phone, Provide you the exact location, and, if necessary, wipe the data from the phone (Here Thanks to Quick Heal Mobile Security, my phone is protected by QHMS). Now is the time to consider investing in one, before you lose your phone.

  2. Avatar santanu duttaMay 7, 2012 at 10:17 AM

    yr information is great. now we should use PIN to save mobile devices. So if any software developed with GPS system from where the hacker is calling and automatically recovering his SIM transmitting of which network with nunber at the end of msg hacker may be identfied, but for this a improved software you have to create such that during transmission of msg monitor of mobile transmits his picture confidentially by digital mode which later can be converted into a stable photo and then somehow it cn be checked. ok , have a nice day. this is my idea being a post graduate in Msc( Physics) with electronics and radio physics.