Saurabh Vadghule

Saurabh Vadghule

An avid reader who loves to get engrossed in witty and creative content. When not wielding my wordsmith's pen with a minimalist flair, I get indulged in epic marathons of science fiction on the silver screen.

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Love Gone Wrong: Are You Protected Against Online Dating Scams?

Have you heard about online dating scams? In the vast digital landscape of online romance, scams are a…

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Doubt Your Vulnerability to Ransomware Attacks? Know How Quick Heal’s Protection Will Save You!

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Cyber Attacks Unpacked: Recent fraud Incidents and Impact (25th to 31st May, 2024)

“Investment is subject to market risk please read the offer document carefully before investment”, we all have literally…

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Cyber Attacks Unpacked: Recent Incidents and Impact

In today’s digital world, where convenience reigns supreme, online activities from shopping to dating and from dining to…

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