Anjali is an Associate Security Researcher at Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. Her interests include reverse engineering and malware analysis and hunting for on going malware trends.

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QBOT – A HTML Smuggling technique to target victims

QBot, also known as Qakbot, QuackBot, and Pinkslipbot, is a Banking Trojan that was first observed in 2007….

What you need to know about the BazarLoader Malware?

At the start of February 2021, Bazarloader malware was in the news about its mechanism of delivering the…

Zloader: Entailing Different Office Files

Zloader aka Terdot – a variant of the infamous Zeus banking malware is well known for aggressively using…

Attacker uses tricky technique of Excel 4.0 in Malspam campaign

Use of Phishing emails is not new for cyber-attack and is still one of the classic strategies to…