Leverage Parental Control to regulate the online activity of your kids

Regulate ‘Screen-Time’ of your kids with Parental Control.

“What are my kids doing online?”

It’s a question that can give parents sleepless nights. With every generation, the devices become smarter and the kids even more so. Your teenage son or daughter probably knows far more about different social media platforms and how to use them than you.

But you’re scared as well. As a responsible 21st century parent, you’re more than aware of the many dangers that the internet possesses. You’re also painfully aware that children are at higher risk — cyber criminals take advantage of their low maturity and the fact that they are highly gullible. You can’t blame them — after all, they are kids!

Taking away their online access won’t work, it will most probably backfire and in the current era where we’re being more than encouraged to work, learn and connect from home, this is really not possible. But there is a way to ensure you can moderate and track your kids’ activities online – Parental Control.

Parental Control is a powerful and important feature of Quick Heal Total Security. Through this feature, parents can easily set controls and limitations on different aspects of their kids’ computer usage. This way, your children can use the internet constructively without getting exposed to any of its dangers.

Importance of Parental Control

  1. Peace of mind – Because of parental control, you can let your children be online without having to constantly worry about what they’re seeing and accessing. Once you set your controls, they will not be able to bypass them which gives you peace of mind.
  2. Monitoring their activities – With the power of Parental Control, you know where your kids are on the internet and what they’re doing. This lets you have an understanding of when you should intervene and when you can let them do their own thing.
  3. Prevent information & sensory overload – With the huge breadth of multimedia and information of the online world, information & sensory overload is a major issue for young children. To ensure they are not glued to their devices, parental control enables you to set time limits as well, thus ensuring your kids have a mix of online and offline.

Types of Parental Control

There are different types of parental control settings offered for parents in Quick Heal Total Security. There is no one right approach – every household, every kid and every parent are different. As the parent, you are the best person to decide what to set limits on and what to allow. However, here’s something to consider – ensure you have an honest discussion with your kids as well on this. Remember, the more you block access to something, the more your kids will become curious about it.

  • Internet Browsing Control is a good feature when you want to moderate your children’s online activities. You can choose to go wide by blocking an entire category of websites or be extremely specific by specifying the exact URLs you want to block access to. You can also ensure you schedule particular times when the internet can be accessed.
  • Application Control is a useful feature if the entire family is sharing one system. There might be work-related apps like Slack, Zoom or Microsoft Teams that you don’t want your children to access. You can easily block specific applications or entire categories.
  • PC Access Control allows you to set up a detailed timetable on when your children can access the computer.


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