How secure is the Wi-Fi router at your home?

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Your router, the box sitting in the corner of your house powers all your smart devices- mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc. with internet. It is the device which is directly exposed to the outside world and thus can be vulnerable to getting hacked. It may not store your personal information, but every time you access the internet, all the sensitive information passes through it. As strange as it sounds, if this device gets compromised your personal data might also be at risk!

A compromised router can slow down your internet speed as well as serve as a platform for launching DDoS attacks or affecting other connected devices in the network. You may be a cautious user and would have secured your laptop, desktop and phone with antivirus software, however your router still remains vulnerable to attacks. Here are some common security gaps found in typical home routers:

  • Unsecure configuration
  • Security flaws as the entry point to your home network
  • Post-compromise threats

Unfortunately, users are rarely aware of the risks to a router or have little control over their software and configurations. Most of these devices are directly supplied by your internet service provider. But there are certain actions that can be taken to secure your router. You can secure your gateway to the internet by choosing QUICK HEAL HOME SECURITY (QHHS) which can protect users from IoT related threats.


  • Quick Heal Home Security (QHHS) is a SECURE Wi-Fi router that offers safe internet surfing to Home and SOHO (small office/home office users)
  • QHHS secures every internet-connected device in your home from cyber threats. These devices include game consoles, smart TVs, Wi-Fi connected ACs, CCTV cameras and other such appliances
  • QHHS protects your home Wi-Fi network by adding an extra layer of security between your smart devices and threats on the Internet


  • Parental Control

Monitor your kids’ online activities and manage screen time.

  • Device Control

Identify and block suspicious or undesired Internet activities by any device.

  • Web Protection

Block websites that are not suitable for your kids or other users connected to your home network.

  • Internet Security

Filters and stops attacks that try to infiltrate your home network through the Internet or infected devices connected to Wi-Fi.

  • Separate Network for home & guest users

Assign different users and policies to different networks so that users can carry on with the activities within their digital environment.

  • Schedule Internet Access

Set schedules (days and time) for your children to access the Internet at home. The access can be regulated separately with every device.

  • Intrusion Prevention

Protects all connected devices in your home network from threats that take advantage of security vulnerabilities.

  • Web Activity Report

Get a detailed report on your children’s or other users’ activity on the Internet such as websites accessed and devices used.

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  1. Avatar MOHAMMED YAKOOBJuly 16, 2019 at 5:44 PM

    i want to have detailed information regarding quick heal home security.
    I am having excell broadband internet connection at vijayawada. My self and my family members using wi fi for PC, smart TV and smart cell phones. How to get them protected.
    Let me know
    yakoob mohammed

    • Sushmita Kalashikar Sushmita KalashikarJuly 17, 2019 at 11:51 AM

      Hello Yakoob,

      Thanks for writing in. Our support engineers would be glad to help you with detailed information regarding your query. Kindly visit to chat with us online or call us on our toll-free no. 1800-121-7377. You can also raise a ticket at and we will get back to you at the earliest.

      Team HNS