Parental Control – Here’s how you can regulate your child’s computer habits

Today’s generation of children is introduced to technology from the moment they are born. So it’s not a surprise to hear that, according to one study from 2013, children are using the Internet from the age of three!

This year especially has seen a mass migration from the physical to the online world with the ongoing pandemic shuttering schools and educational institutions. As a result, online learning has now become the new necessity and our children have had to adapt to a world where teaching happens through videoconferencing.

Computers offer various learning benefits and are a great tool to educate kids about the world. But they also offer certain pitfalls which kids can be susceptible to. Cutting off computer access or the Internet is not practical in the digital era we live in but parents must ensure they are responsible and moderate how their children are using computers.

Internet Browsing Control

The Internet can be both dangerous and useful. There are malicious websites out there targeting innocent children in many forms. There is also a lot of content on the Internet that that is not inappropriate for young minds. Parents must be vigilant and regulate the kind of content their children can access.

Through Quick Heal Total Security’s Parental Control feature, it is easy to set controls whereby kids can use the Internet constructively. Access can be restricted to particular categories (chat, adult, violence, etc.) of websites while particular websites can also be blocked. You can also set certain times when the Internet can be used by scheduling it through the “settings” window.

Application Control

Almost every digital entity has an application that is pushed on to consumers. There may also include malicious applications as well which target children, sometimes specifically by using imagery of popular cartoon characters or objects which they are familiar with. Their aim is to get on to your computer as quickly as possible often with malicious intentions that children may not be able to spot.

Thankfully, regulating the apps your children use is not difficult. Parental Control offers parents two solutions: like Internet Browsing Control, you can choose to restrict access to particular categories of applications. Perhaps, you do not want your children to download video players or chat applications. These specific categories can be easily blocked using these instructions.

Alternatively, the above instructions can also enable you to block specific applications. These can be manually inputted and removed, depending on the controls you as a parent want to put in. Optimum use of both these features will help you create a healthy environment for your child’s computer habits.

PC Access Control

The negative effects of too much screen time have been well documented. Many psychologists and pediatrics recommend moderation of computer usage and screen time for children so that they do not get overwhelmed with the device.

Parental Control’s PC Access Control helps you meticulously decide when and how you want your children to use the PC. You can allow access to the PC at all times or set two types of restrictions: i) a daily access limit which lets you allocate hourly time limits where users can access the computer for the allowed duration at any point of time during a day or two, or ii) daily access time slots where specific dates and times when the computer can be accessed can be set.



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