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Target’s Customers Targeted by Hackers during Holiday Shopping
American retailing company, Target has confirmed a hacking incident that exposed its customers’ data. This data includes names, credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates and even security codes. The company stated that customers who did ‘physical’ (not online) shopping between November 27 and December 15, are the ones whose data got exposed. Reportedly, around 40 million credit and debit card accounts may have been obtained by the hackers. These customers have been advised to check their credit card statements for any unusual activity. More news on this here.

Target’s Customers’ Stolen Data Selling like Hot Cakes on the Black Market
The recent massive hack attack that hit American retailing company, Target, has started to get even worse. News are up that, the stolen data of the customers are being sold on online black markets. Reportedly, counterfeit cards having all these information were being sold from $20 to $100 a piece. The CEO of the company has stated that affected customers will not be responsible for any fraudulent charges, and that a few instances of the same has been reported. More about this here.

How a 60 second long hacking spree cost a 38-year old hacker $183,000
Being hacked, can be an expensive damage for individuals and businesses. But sometimes, it can be costly to the hacker themself. Take this event for example. 38-year old Eric Wosol, worked with hactivist group Anonymous during an attack on His involvement in the incident was one minute long. Wosol pleaded guilty and he was sentenced two years of federal probation and a fine of a hefty $183,000. Crime never pays, even if it is a minute long! Read more on this here.

Beware of older Apple Macbooks. Hackers are using iSight webcams to spy on people
This news came to light when Cassidy Wolf, who was Miss Teen USA, was being spied by her high school classmate. The offender was nabbed by the FBI. This news is associated with a similar news which we posted recently. It was about FBI spying on people for years. Usually, when a webcam is switched ON, it also sets off a light as an indicator. Apparently, there is a way to keep the light from getting activate so that the victim has no idea that they are being watched. Read more about this here.

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