Top 10 Quick Heal IT Security Blog Posts for 2013

The world is a mere few hours shy from ushering yet another year of this century. While it only remains to be seen what 2014 may bring in, 2013 has had its share of IT security hoo-has; a share bigger than its predecessors. And while different security incidents were taking place in different parts of the world, Quick Heal was constantly journaling them and bringing them to its readers. Here are the top 10 security blogs of 2013 with the maximum reach to the audience.


1. Common Password Mistakes and Tips for Creating Stronger Passwords
In this post, we discussed some of the most common mistakes most of us make while choosing a password. Also, we outlined some really easy tips for creating better and secure passwords.

2. What Slows down Computers?
This post presented a quick roundup of factors that are responsible for slowing down computers.

3. Know the Risks of Using ATM and Online Banking
While ATM and online banking have eased monetary transactions, they have attracted quite a lot of eyes from the cyber crook community. This post entailed the security risks of using ATMs and online banking, and discussed some valuable safety measures users can take.

4. Alert: Ransomware are on the loose. Know what precautions you should take to prevent data loss
In this post, we presented a brief on the nastiest member of the Ransomware family – CryptoLocker. It is a sophisticated malware that encrypts user data and demands ransom for decrypting it. We also discussed some important precautions to prevent data loss caused by the malware.

5. Classic Lies you Should not let a Cyber Criminal use on you
An informative piece on how cyber criminals use social engineering tricks and lies to trap the unsuspecting and unwarned lot.

6. How to Recover your Money if your Bank Account is Hacked or your Card Details are Stolen
Our CTO, Mr. Sanjay Katkar, shared some insightful measures one may take if their bank account is hacked or card details are stolen.

7. What is Ransomware and How to remove it using Quick Heal?
Here we gave a general insight into what is Ransomware, its impact, and how it can be evaded. We also shared some helpful tips with our readers on how Quick Heal can help remove this malware from an infected computer.

8. Parental Control – Its Role and its Importance
In our constant endeavor in making the Internet a safe place for kids, inarguably, good parenting plays a pivotal role. And when this works in conjunction with a reliable parental control software, then parents can create the perfect online environment for their children. And this concept was presented in this post.

9. Spam SMS Messages on the Rise: Quick Heal Mobile Threat Detection Numbers
In this post, we presented a report on the number of spam messages reported to Quick Heal by quite a lot of mobile users. The report included the percentage of various categories of spam messages ranging from phishing texts to those related to explicit content.

10. IPv6 – the Future of Internet
In this post, our Subject Matter Expert shared his thoughts on how IPv4 has neared this extinction, and is being gradually taken over by IPv6 – the future of Internet.

2013 has been quite an eventful year. It saw new types and more notorious malware being discovered, prevented and tackled with. The year also saw an increase in cyber awareness in individuals and enterprises alike. Here’s hoping that the IT security world becomes more secured and safer in 2014. A happy New Year to all!

Rajiv Singha

Rajiv Singha


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  1. Avatar austin pintoDecember 31, 2013 at 7:49 PM

    a very happy new year to quickheal team! wish you all the very best this year thanks for keeping our computers and mobiles safe in 2013 and we hope u will do the same for years to come