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Google Play apps hit by Judy Malware

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 June 1, 2017

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It’s turning out to be a bad month for the digital world. While the world is recovering from the WannaCry Ransomware outbreak, we now have a new malware on the loose and it is targeting Android devices. The malware is called Judy and it has infected around 41 apps in...

Stay Away from all these Apps on Google Play

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 February 17, 2016

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This is a precautionary advisory for all our readers who use Android smartphones. A Trojan detected by Quick Heal as Android.Xynyin.C, is known to have been injected into more than 60 gaming apps available in the Google Play Store. According to the intelligence reports received from our Malware Analysts, the...

Malware Alert! Android Virus Steals Personal Data including Passwords

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 December 10, 2014

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Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) has issued an advisory, warning users against a new Android virus that is out on the streets. Named as Android/SmsSend, this virus affects Android smartphones and steals personal information including sensitive data such as passwords. Scroll further to read more about this mobile...

Google stops labeling Freemium games as Free – Good news or bad news?

 July 22, 2014

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In-app purchases have often been a scorn for parents of children who unknowingly carry out several purchases within their favorite apps or games. This in turn leads to high bills for these parents that gets credited to their online accounts and even leads to an increase in their data usage....

Google generously refunds victims and funds open source initiatives – More IT news

 April 26, 2014

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Here is a quick roundup of the latest IT security news updates from the week gone by. It’s been a slow week with the world still reeling from the aftereffects of Heartbleed, but there are plenty of news worthy stories that our security conscious readers should be aware about. Google...

Fake Android Antivirus Alert!

 February 10, 2014

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Apparently, a new malicious application is on the loose that poses as an antivirus software for Android devices. In this post, we give you a quick brief about what this malware is all about. Quick Heal has detected this Android malware as Android.Agent.BU. Before installation, the application asks the user...

This Week’s Latest News on IT Security and Updates

 September 27, 2013

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IT Returns of SRK, Salman Khan, and Sachin Tendulkar Hacked Looks like cyber criminals have their eyes on Bollywood as well. Reportedly, a Chartered Accountancy (CA) student has been charged with hacking into the income tax returns of Bollywood stars Sharukh Khan and Salman Khan. Industrialist Anil Ambani and sport...

Latest Security News and Updates for this Week

 June 29, 2013

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6 Million Facebook Account Compromised! Facebook reported that a bug was responsible for exposing email addresses and phone numbers of as much as 6 million Facebook users. The company informed that the bug was a part of the Download Your Information (DIY) tool in Facebook, that allows the user to...

This Week’s Byte of Security News and Updates

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 June 15, 2013

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This week’s been quite an eventful one, with Facebook bringing in hashtags and Mumbai police force facing the brunt of cybercrime. Read on. Facebook Hashtags – Exciting or Worrying? If you never paid attention to your privacy settings on Facebook, then it’s time you started doing so. With the Social...

How to avoid accidental in-app purchases by kids on your Smartphone?

 March 5, 2013

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Uncontrolled in-app purchases can result in huge bills for your Smartphone. However, the feature can be easily turned off. Needless to say, ‘free’ apps in Google Play or iTunes Store are always more preferable than their ‘paid’ counterparts. However, these apps work using a ‘freemium’ model to generate revenue. Yes,...