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6 Million Facebook Account Compromised!
Facebook reported that a bug was responsible for exposing email addresses and phone numbers of as much as 6 million Facebook users. The company informed that the bug was a part of the Download Your Information (DIY) tool in Facebook, that allows the user to upload their contact list or address book to the social networking site. Good news is, the security flaw was taken care of immediately, and there has been no evidence of the bug being exploited by hackers. More news here.

I Did Not Know Cyberstalking was A Crime!
In other interesting news, a Canadian cop was found guilty of spying on his spouse, using a spyware which he bought online. Reportedly, the cop was unaware that what he was doing was cyberstalking and is treated as a crime. The spyware was bought from a US website, and it can be used to spy on text messages, chat, and even the GPS location data of the targeted person.

After Google and Microsoft, it’s Facebook that’s Giving Away Bounty Rewards
Looks like sniffing out security holes in websites could turn out to be a lucrative career for most. In recent news, Jack Whitten, an application-security engineer (UK), received $20,000 from Facebook. No, Facebook did not give away the prize because it thought “Jack Whitten” is a cool name. Whitten discovered a bug in the mobile verification process of Facebook. Reportedly, the bug could have compromised millions of profiles, had it gone undetected. Read more about this bug-to-riches story here.

Opera Users Be Warned!
If you are an Opera fan, then better update the browser version as soon as it is released. Opera has reported that its corporate network was hacked on 19th June. The hackers have reportedly sent malware to Opera users, believed to be Trojan horses, using the browser’s automated updating function. Good news is, the company has confirmed that no user data was compromised in the incident. For more news on this, follow this link.

Got BBM for your Android or iPhone already? Is it the Original One?
In a bid to revive its wilting form, BlackBerry recently announced that BlackBerry Messenger (one of their prized possessions) will be making its entry into the Android and iOS territory soon this year. Guess who did this news got cracking? Hackers, of course! Over 100,000 people see a new app called “blackberry messenger bbm” from RIM, in the Google Play Store, and download it with broad smiles and gleaming faces. Reality check! RIM is the former name of the BlackBerry company, and this BBM app has not yet been officially released. More news about this here.

Rajiv Singha

Rajiv Singha

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