Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Why cybersecurity should be taken seriously?

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 October 20, 2016

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October is earmarked as Cybersecurity Awareness month in the US in order to make internet users vigilant of the various possible cybercrimes. Today the world is connected via the internet and people practically live online with the help of facilities such as banking, mailing, shopping etc. available right at their...

10 Dos and Don’ts of Internet Security on Cyber Security Awareness Month

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 October 6, 2016

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October is observed as the Cyber Security Awareness Month. And we thought of celebrating it by sharing some essential dos and don’ts of Internet security with you. And here they are. The DOs 1. While you are banking, shopping or paying your bills online, check if the website’s URL begins...

Security Hole in Gmail Android App Makes Phishing Attacks Easier

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 November 17, 2015

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A recently discovered bug in the Gmail Android App allows anyone to pose as someone else, hiding their real email address. Although labelled as a “non-issue” by Google Security Team, the flaw can prove to be helpful for online scammers. Read the rest of the story from the post that follows....

Stegosploit – A Technique that can Hack your PC Using Just an Image!

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 June 3, 2015

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By merely looking at an image in your browser, you can infect your PC with a malware. Know how from the following post. Thanks to a technique called Stegosploit, a hacker can infect your system by simply making you load an image on the Internet. You don’t even have to...

5 Essential Security Tips for Startups

 April 10, 2015

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If you are planning to launch a startup business which essentially requires customers’ data for its development and sustainability, then IT security should be on your list of priorities. There is no denying to that fact that, investing in a security infrastructure during the nascent stage of the business can...

Cybercrimes in India Likely to Cross 300,000 Mark in 2015 – ASSOCHAM Study

 January 6, 2015

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An in-depth study has been released by ASSOCHAM-Mahindra SSG and according to this report, cyber-crime incidents in India are set to double to almost 300,000 in 2015. The primary targets of these crimes are going to be entities in the financial space, security establishments for national defense and the integrated...

HelloBridge Trojan Misuses Panic Created by Heartbleed

 May 5, 2014

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While the Heartbleed security bug affected thousands of web services worldwide and exposed millions of passwords online, the hype around the bug has subsided over the last couple of weeks. It is still not known how many people have actually heeded the warnings and changed their passwords. However, most major...

A New Generation of Cyberattacks that Can Fry Your Computer

 February 28, 2014

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If we thought that cyberattacks can only affect our computers to the software level, then here’s a something to give this thought a different perspective! Uptil now, we witnessed cyberattacks going after the software components of targeted computers. But apparently, there is something scarier than this; something that can take...

Latest Security News and Updates from this Week

 August 9, 2013

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Number of Government Websites Hacked so Far – 78 According to Milind Deora, Minister of State for Communications & IT, 78 government websites have been compromised by hackers till June 2013. 16,000 odd cases related to spam, malware infection, and data breach have also come to light. Victims mainly included...