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Digvijay Mane

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Digvijay is Security Researcher at Quick Heal Technologies. He is Interested in Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering.

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Beware: Malicious Android Malware Disguised as Government Alerts.

In our high-tech world, sneaky cyber threats can pop up anywhere. Lately, we’ve spotted sneaky malware on Android…

Pop-up Ad Alert! Beware of Unrealistic Claims on your Smartphones

What are pop-up advertisements? How can these pop-up ads infect your phone? What danger can this cause to…

Battling the Death Trap of Malicious Loan Apps

In the age of instant finance at our fingertips, loan apps have reshaped how we access funds. But…

Protect yourself from Vishing Attack!!

“Humans are the weakest link in cybersecurity.” Data breaches worldwide prove this accurate, as human errors, lack of…

Vishing Attack

Beware: SOVA Android Banking Trojan emerges more powerful with new capabilities

  SOVA is an Android banking Trojan with significant capabilities like credential theft, capturing keystrokes, taking screenshots, etc.,…

Auto-launching HiddAd on Google Play Store found in more than 6 million downloads

HiddenAd or HiddAd are icon-hiding adware applications. The prime motive of HiddAd is to generate revenue through aggressive…


Caution! Beware of the Fake WhatsApp Mother’s Day Scam.

Getting text messages from random numbers is disturbing. But spam messages aren’t just annoying; they can also be…

WhatsApp Mother's Day Scam

Stay Alert of Facebook Credential Stealer Applications Stealing User’s Credentials.

Social media credentials are always a lucrative thing for threat actors. They use various techniques to get them….

facebook credentials

Google Play store applications laced with Joker malware yet again

For the last three years, Joker Trojan is making its way on Google Play Store. Quick Heal Security…

Fresh Joker Malware Variant Targeting Android Users

Alert! Wormable Android malware is spreading through social media applications

Autoreply is a convenient feature through which users can send a custom message as an automatic reply for…