Quick Heal Launches an all new version 23 – Smart, Secure and Sustainable

Quick Heal version23

Cybercrimes have been on the rise post-pandemic and are becoming even more sophisticated. Digitization and work from home model have further widened the security perimeter, making cloud, network, and devices vulnerable.  Thus, allowing cybercriminals to surpass the basic and traditional security measures available for free.

We are witnessing a tremendous rise in internet and smartphone user base and usage in our country, propelling e-commerce, mobile banking, and more, resulting in an upsurge in digital payments and data creation. But, the lack of cybersecurity awareness occurs is a big concern, making India a hotbed for cybercrimes.

Quick Heal is the leader in the Cybersecurity industry, and we feel accountable for people’s cyber safety. Our responsibility continues beyond churning out innovative solutions. Hence, we are proactively directing all our efforts in making “Cyber safety a fundamental right for all.”

Over the last two years, we have invested over INR 150 crores in R&D to create future-ready products and solutions. It is our sincere endeavor to continue to improve our tech stack, hence we have introduced an all new version 23. Thoughtfully designed and powered by GoDeep.AI, a malware-hunting technology at its core, the latest version is smart, secure, and sustainable.

It’s Smart, Secure, and Sustainable!

 Quick Heal version 23 is smart with GoDeep.AI, a self-aware malware hunting technology. It is based on a Deep Learning Module that learns and remembers every historical malware threat and stores the learnings in a centralized cloud. It feeds the Artificial Intelligence algorithm to learn and evolve in real-time, providing the engine with the capabilities of Predictive Detection.

This algorithm works conjointly with Behavioral Detection technology that monitors and tracks the activities of each program. This technology further blocks the program immediately if its behavior is found to be suspicious. This protects users from advanced threats that have never occurred before, also known as Zero Day attacks.

Our new version is even more secure and aims to provide complete digital protection with its supercharged features. These features have been enhanced in order to reduce the time for detecting threats with advanced threat detection features.

  • RANSOMWARE PROTECTION- Real-time protection with smart data backup and restore features.
  • DATA BREACH ALERT – Protects your data with instant alerts
  • ANTI-TRACKER – Blocks monitoring of your digital footprint to keep your browsing data private.
  • SCAN ENGINE in REAL TIME – Enables Faster detections and better coverage providing enhanced security at every level
  • WEBCAM PROTECTION – Blocks any eyes spying on you and prevents webcam leaks by managing apps

Driven by our commitment on the ESG approach towards creating a Sustainable future, we endeavor to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle wherever and whenever possible by:

Going C.D. less – Reducing carbon footprint by not burning the C.D.s to upload the software and eliminate the e-waste generated later on.

Reducing paper packaging by 38% – We have reduced our box packaging size by 38% and cut down on the paper inside the box, thereby saving trees and substantial amounts of water.

Lower Fuel Consumption – Smaller box sizes allow more boxes in a carton. Thereby reducing the number of consignments and reducing fuel used for transportation.

Saying No to Plastic – There is no plastic in our packaging, and we are 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable now.

With a future-ready product that is built on a robust and innovative tech stack, it protects millions of digital lives. Quick heal Version 23 is a one-stop solution that is Device agnostic and offers unmatched performance. It also guarantees #PrivacyWithFreedom, thus delivering peace of mind to you and your loved ones.


Upgrading to the new version 23?

All existing users of Quick Heal who have a valid active subscription can download the new upgrade free of cost by visiting the Quick Heal website. New customers can get the latest version when they purchase it from Quick Heal’s website, E-commerce stores, or 35000+ partner stores across the country.

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