Do you know how easy it is to renew Quick Heal subscription on product?

How to renew Quick Heal?

Why should you even bother to renew Quick Heal subscription?

Just like you renew your medical insurance for guaranteed security against medical expenses due to unforeseen health situations. Or just like timely renewal of your vehicle insurance gives you peace of mind from anything that happens to your vehicle – having an antivirus subscription renewed gives you an assurance that you are digitally safe in this evolving digital world.

Over 761 cyber threats were recorded per minute by Quick Heal in 2023-24.

Can you an estimated amount users have lost in terms of money last year?

According to a survey, over 42 million individuals in India have become victims of cybercrime within the last year, resulting in a loss of over $8 billion in direct financial damages.

Have you heard of data breaches that have happened in India?

Aadhaar card, IRCTC portal, Boat data breach – the information is available on dark-web for cyber criminals and can be misused to harm the consumers

So, how to renew my subscription from the Quick Heal application on my laptop/desktop?

Step 1: Open the Quick Heal app on laptop and click on “More” or “…” visible on the bottom-left of the screen

quick heal renewal

Step 2: Under the “More” section click on License Details, at the bottom of which you will see the “Renew Now” button

quick heal renewal

Step 3: In the Product Details window select the subscription plan suitable to you and click on “Continue”

quick heal renewal

Step 4: Update the billing details if required and click on continue

quick heal renewal

Step 5: In the product summary window add any apply any coupon code you have and click ‘Apply’ and continue.

quick heal renewal

Step 6: On the Payment Window either Scan the QR code and pay through your preferred UPI platform or pay via your preferred web gateway.

Quick Heal Renewal

Step 7: Choose the payment gateway platform of your choice

Quick Heal Renewal

Why Quick Heal?

Quick Heal antivirus is India’s #1 antivirus and has served the Indians for last three decades. In these three decades, Quick Heal has received numerous accolades:

  • 2024: Quick Heal was recognized by AV Lab Poland for its Safe Banking and Safe Browsing feature.
  • Quick Heal antivirus is backed by 8 patented technologies and generative Ai in the background (GoDeep.Ai) to keep users protected from evolving digital threats
  • Quick Heal antivirus has built a strong multi-lingual tech support and service support team to help the users in case of any attack or query that they have regarding antivirus. Call on [09272202525]
  • Quick Heal is trusted by 9 million users globally
  • Quick Heal has developed largest state of the art malware laboratory of India that detects threats and updates the application on a regular basis
  • Quick Heal keeps you safe from Zero-Day attacks
  • Quick Heal was recognized as the best antivirus software in 2021
  • With Quick Heal, you can manage remotely your device security and the security of your family’s devices (if Quick Heal is installed) using metaProtect.

So why wait, why risk your digital footprints – renew your subscription today and continue to stay #DigitallySafe.


Quick Heal

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