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From Click to Delivery: Want to Protect Yourself from Online Shopping Scams?

Did you know that one out of three people, globally, shop online? As of 2024, there are 2.64…

Want to Protect Yourself from Online Shopping Scams?

3 Cyber Frauds: Users Suffered in Between April 1st and 5th, 2024

An Elderly Man Falls Victim to a Fake Customer Service Cyber Fraud Elderly who man ordered food on…

Sluggish Device Performance? Boost Your Device Health With Performance Booster (Earlier PC Tuner)

Quick Heal Antivirus in its version 24 has renamed the PC Tuner feature as Performance Booster. Why “Performance…

Quick Heal Performance Booster

Did You Know That Your Identity Can Be Easily Faked Online? Exposing Deepfakes

Hey there! So, do you know what are deepfakes? They’re like those videos where it seems like someone…

Exposing your identity can easily be faked online by Deepfakess

Quick Heal Supports Windows 10 Version 22H2

Quick Heal products are fully compatible with Microsoft’s latest feature update – Windows 10 2022. Quick Heal has ensured that your cyber security solution is up to speed and fully compatible with this feature update. Find out how you can enjoy a secure digital experience even with the latest OS update.

Your Data and Devices are safe with Quick Heal

  On 19th November at 8:17 am, we became aware of a false positive detection on excel files and…

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