Quick Bytes: Top Cyber News Of The Week (7th to 13th April, 2024)

Quick Bytes Cyber News

Delivery boys moonlighting as cybercriminals in Pune: Operated 120 bank accounts for international masterminds

(Image Source: Indian Express)

The Pimpri Chinchwad police cracked down a major racket while probing a 35 lakh cyber fraud case registered by a woman. The lady was digitally looted by promising high returns against stock investments. The police arrested 5 men who worked as delivery boys during the daytime. These delivery boys were found operating 120 bank accounts and used the money to purchase cryptocurrency to send to some international handlers in return of commission.


Boat India faced major data breach

(Source: business.oulookindia.com)

The recent data breach at Indian audio company Boat has sent shockwaves through the industry. As one of the leading players in the affordable audio segment, Boat has garnered a massive customer base, making this breach particularly concerning. With an estimated 7 million customers potentially impacted, the scale of this incident is staggering.The data that includes the personal details of the customers might now be available on the dark web.

Apple reportedly warns Indian users about a new Spyware


Apple has taken decisive action, alerting users across India and 91 other nations to the presence of a dangerous “mercenary spyware” aimed at compromising their devices. This proactive step underscores Apple’s commitment to user safety and privacy, prioritizing swift responses to emerging threats. By promptly notifying users, Apple aims to empower them to take necessary precautions and safeguard their digital assets. Such proactive measures are essential in combating evolving cyber threats and maintaining trust in digital ecosystems. These targeted attacks have been reported to gain unauthorized access to these devices and steal the potential data from them.

A Bengaluru-based software engineer defrauded for Rs. 2.24 Cr. by cyber fraudsters impersonating customs and NCB officials.

Source: Deccan Herald(Source: Deccan Herald)

A software engineer from Bengaluru has reported a loss of Rs. 2.24 crore to cyber criminals who threatened him by impersonating as officials from the Customs and Narcotics Bureau. The criminals threatened the engineer by falsely reporting about a parcel containing some illegal drugs and documents registered by his name. The criminals further threatened the engineer of further legal action if the due fine is not paid and the parcel was held back at the Delhi Airport.

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