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45 Killer Security Tips to Follow on Computer Security Day

30th November is observed as Computer Security Day all over the world. Folks at Quick Heal, celebrate […]

Nov 30, 2015     0
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Superfish 2.0 – Dell Laptops Preinstalled with Similar Malware and Security Flaw

Earlier this year, several cases came to light where brand new Lenovo laptops came preinstalled with a […]

Nov 26, 2015     0
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Ransomware could be the Biggest Security Threat in 2016

While the list of security threat predictions for 2016 is long, the one that concerns home users […]

Nov 24, 2015     19
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Using Google Chrome on these Operating Systems Will be Risky

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers around, and this is highlighted by its growing […]

Nov 19, 2015     76
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Security Hole in Gmail Android App Makes Phishing Attacks Easier

A recently discovered bug in the Gmail Android App allows anyone to pose as someone else, hiding their […]

Nov 17, 2015     26
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Evolution of Android Malware – Quick Heal Threat Report Q3 2015

We recently reported the notable Windows malware stats and findings from the Quick Heal Quarterly Threat Report […]

Nov 4, 2015     248
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