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4 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Unwanted Toolbars

Is your Internet browser suddenly riddled with toolbars you have no clue about? Well, this is a […]

Jul 3, 2015     0
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Why are Software Updates so Important for your Security

Attention readers! – Do you use Adobe Flash in your Internet browser? If yes, then make certain […]

Jun 29, 2015     49
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Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’, Facebook ‘New Face Recognition’ and more news

Here are this week’s top stories, news and updates from the world of computer security. Cover your […]

Jun 27, 2015     0
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How Vulnerable is your Small and Medium-sized Business? [UPDATED]

Are you aware that the best targets for hackers and malware authors around the world are small […]

Jun 24, 2015     0
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7 Deadly Internet Security Mistakes

Simply installing an antivirus software on your PC cannot guarantee your online safety. Internet security is an […]

Jun 19, 2015     89
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Using Quikr or OLX? Protect your Privacy on WhatsApp

If you have been getting unwanted calls or messages on WhatsApp, then it might be because of […]

Jun 15, 2015     36
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