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FREAK Attack – Android and Apple Browsers at Risk

A new Internet vulnerability is affecting popular SSL clients across the web. Eerily named FREAK, this flaw […]

Mar 5, 2015     2
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Do You Know Select Facebook Employees Can Access Your Account?

In case you missed it, a very thought provoking and rather intriguing question came to the fore […]

Mar 4, 2015     0
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You’ll Love These Simple Ways to Improve Android Battery Life

Extending the battery life of Android smartphones and tablets is not only a major point of concern […]

Mar 2, 2015     4
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10 Cyber Safety Tips Every Internet User Must Know

The Internet is a fun place to be, but it is also riddled with hackers, online scammers, […]

Mar 1, 2015     93
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Lenovo Users – This is how you can remove the Superfish Adware

In case you are unaware, Lenovo has been shipping some of its consumer notebooks with a  preinstalled […]

Feb 24, 2015     2
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Online Banking Users, Beware of the Cridex Worm!

There is a computer worm on the loose that steals personal login ID and passwords. This worm […]

Feb 18, 2015     2
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