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The Basics of Twitter Security and Why it is Important

When it comes to security and privacy threats over social networks, no platform gets as much negativity […]

Sep 1, 2014     0
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A Nastier Ransomware called CryptoWall, Windows 9 Scams, and other IT Security News

Another ransomware is loose on the streets now; it is known as CryptoWall – nastier and more […]

Aug 30, 2014     0
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5 Common Myths that Stop People from Using an Antivirus

While this may seem like a bit of an odd subject to venture into, in this blog […]

Aug 26, 2014     39
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Facebook scam, Snowden interview and other IT security news

A new Facebook scam has been found doing the rounds recently, and it is something we here […]

Aug 23, 2014     0
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Banking Spam Emails Lead to Cryptolocker

Quick Heal Lab has analyzed a malicious email campaign via which attackers intend to install the malicious […]

Aug 22, 2014     1
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Alert: Beware of Malicious Ebola Emails!

The recent outbreak of the Ebola virus has claimed over 1000 lives. While people in the affected […]

Aug 20, 2014     70
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