3 Cyber Frauds: Users Suffered in Between April 1st and 5th, 2024

An Elderly Man Falls Victim to a Fake Customer Service Cyber Fraud

Elderly who man ordered food on Swiggy, was to reach Swiggy’s customer service as the order was undelivered.  Post some basic google search he tried to call customer service number that popped up on top. Least did he knew that he was being scammed while inquiring for his undelivered order. As the scamsters who impersonated as Swiggy’s customer service representatives gained remote access to the victims phone and withdrew Rs. 3 Lakh from his credit card.

ICICI Bank Cautions Customers Against Recent Frequent Cyber Frauds

ICIC Bank has recently released an advisory to its customers. The bank has highlighted some recent cybercrime cases in which the customers are tricked and asked to download some harmful files or to click on malicious links. These links enables illicit forwarding of messages, OTPs or other sensitive data from customers mobile devices. Apart from this the bank has also asked customers to remain vigilant while doing any such digital activity.

Zerodha Warns Investors Of A New Chinese Stock Trading Scam

One of India’s largest trading plaform and brokerage firm Zerodha’s CEO Nithin Kamath has warned Indian investors about a new trading scam. He was quoted warning investors about a scam from China where the fraudsters clone websites of Indian major brokerage firms to loot people. Post the Chinese loan scams, in the recent scams the fraudsters have been found creating hundreds of duplicate websites and applications which look similar to those of the Indian brokers.


In Conclusion 

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