Third-Party Apps becomes significant source of Malware Attacks on Android Smartphones

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We love options! But smart people also love the authenticity of the options available.

Most of us rely on Google Play Store or Windows Store to download our favorite apps because they are the official pre-installed app for Android and Windows devices and hence, a trusted source. Google Play or Windows Store are not always the perfect digital services for your app needs. Many a times they do not sell apps designed by companies/individuals. Left with little or no choice, we download free third-party apps as a quick solution to our app needs, thus exposing ourselves to a world of vulnerabilities and a prospective victim for cyber criminals!

Quick Heal’s 2015 Detection Statistics reveal a 23% increase in malware attacks on Android devices. And, majority of these attacks are attributed to third-party app downloads.


So, what are third-party applications? In simple terms they are apps designed by companies and individuals other than the provider of the Operating System. So, if Microsoft, Google, Apple or Linux designs a program and it is installed in your smartphone it becomes a first party application. Any program that is not designed by them becomes a third party application.

Generally, we tend to download these apps without even researching on their authenticity and security implications. Once we download these apps, we give them direct authorization and access to all private information without even thinking what the third party will do with all our credentials.

So if you love your smartphone and want to ensure its longevity, try and follow these precautionary measures on a regular basis:

  1. Accepted, Google Play Store and Windows Store are not perfect and 100% safe but they are the most trusted and reputable stores for app downloading.
  2. If you are still not convinced, then always download a third-party app after reading the reviews and check whether the app designer has an official website. Third-party app rating and user reviews will give you valuable insights on the authenticity of the app.
  3. If you have already downloaded a third-party app without reading reviews then watch out for any suspicious activity on your smartphone. Excess battery consumption, heating issues and frequent hanging issues are the most common problems associated with downloading of third-party apps.
  4. If your third-party app is asking for too much permissions like access to your contact list or messages, then it is time for you to be alert!
  5. Always scan your smartphones with authentic security applications.

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Suhita Mazumdar


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  1. Impressed with your article. Glad to know, you always searches for some purpose to enlighten others .
    I must confess, I am not conversant with IT on PC or mobile. In my laptop, Quick Heal is installed.
    I have purchased Samsung Galaxy J7. I have not downloaded any app , in it, so far. Want to secure ,first; by installing antivirus software. Plz educate if any antivirus software for smartphone( Galaxy J7) is available and how to get and install. It must not slow down internet speed. Plz reply by email.

  2. Avatar sajjanlal1981@gmail.ocmOctober 26, 2016 at 3:19 PM

    very nice your ideas