Stay away from ‘WhatsApp Gold’ – It’s a fake app!

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If you haven’t yet heard of the ‘WhatsApp Gold’ app, you soon will. And we are here to tell you that, this is yet another scam planned by cyber crooks.

Users of popular messaging app WhatsApp, are reporting about receiving a message that advertises a newly launched app called WhatsApp Gold. The message reads as follows:

WhatsApp Gold Scam

According to the message…

• WhatsApp gold was only used by celebrities and now it can be used by all

• Messages sent accidentally can be deleted on this app

• More than 100 images can be sent at once

• Themes can be changed

• The app can be activated via invites only and it can be done at

The Truth

• Neither Facebook nor WhatsApp has issued any kind of official statement that can verify any such app called WhatsApp Gold.

• This is just another scam launched by hackers to trick WhatsApp users. Clicking on the link is most likely to download a malware on your phone that can steal your private data including pictures and videos, and track your location/activity.

• Presently, the link is not accessible.

• This scam is somewhat related to WhatsApp Plus – an app that used the name of WhatsApp but was never really developed by the company. Read more about this here.

What should you do?

• If you do come across the above message or any message that asks you to try out a new update, app or feature, do not fall for it. Delete such messages right away. If you think there is an updated version for your app, go to Google Play Store or App Store and get the update from there.

• Inform your friends and acquaintances about this scam and advise them to avoid spreading the message to others.

• Note that WhatsApp Gold is not available on Google Play or the App Store. It is most likely to surface on third-party, unofficial app stores. And you know what to do with such places – stay away from them.

• If you have installed WhatsApp Gold on your phone, uninstall it. If you are not being able to do so, get a mobile antivirus app to clean your phone. Once that is done, install the original WhatsApp app from an official app store.

Important Note

WhatsApp never sends messages to of its users. The only channel which it may use to communicate is via email and this is only when a user initiates a conversation. Read the full official statement here –

So, the very fact that WhatsApp never sends message to its users should be a substantial reason for all WhatsApp users to stay cautious against messages such as the one discussed in this post.

Share this news with your friends and acquaintances so that they don’t fall prey to this scam.


Rajiv Singha

Rajiv Singha


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  1. Thank you for sharing wonderful information about social network because most of the time peoples are attract to their feature and they don’t know what will be the next incident happen with their data.

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  11. very good information. Thanx. Many fake whatsapp versions are doing rounds and people of our country, who would go any length to get any thing free, are falling for IT

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