WhatsApp Plus Users Face Temporary Ban by WhatsApp

If our readers can recollect, last year we had a blog post about the arrival of WhatsApp Plus, a third party/modified version of WhatsApp. Just yesterday, we were made aware of an interesting incident about this app. Read all about it below.

Whats App Plus ban for users

A couple of days ago, users of WhatsApp plus were greeted by the screen above when they opened the app. As the screen clearly states, users of this app are banned for 24 hours from using the service. Clicking ‘Learn More’ takes them to a screen as shown below, where users are directed to uninstall the app and install WhatsApp from Google Play.

Whats App Plus ban for users_notification

Those of you who are less or not aware of WhatsApp plus, this app is similar to WhatsApp but offers an array of features that the official app doesn’t. Some of WhatsApp Plus’ main features that made it go viral include:

• Themes as many as 700

• Extra emoticons

• Editable file sharing options

• Font and color changing option

• Customizable ‘Last Seen’ status; the user can see others ‘Last Seen’ status while disabling their own

WhatsApp plus has been around for quite sometime now. It was developed by a Spanish developed called Rafalanse in 2012. It seems, since its launch, this app has been downloaded over 35 million times. The app was never available on Google Play, but was propagated on third party web stores.

WhatApp’s FAQ page also had the same message for users

Whats App Plus ban_WhatsApp FAQs

So What’s Next for WhatsApp Plus Users?
According to Official WhatsApp+ Community on Google Plus, the app development will stop for good, and no further work will take place on it.

Hence, get WhatApp+ uninstalled from your device, and install WhatsApp. Once the 24 hour count down ends, you will be able to use its service.

In Related News:
A day before this ban occurred, rumors were afoot that WhatsApp is working on a new version called WhatsApp Plus. This is a complete hoax, because as we know, WhatsApp+ was launched in 2012. And WhatsApp has not declared any such news on its official site. Users are advised not to get lured away by such news, and always verify the official website of the companies involved in it.

In Conclusion:
It is understandable that WhatsApp+ users must have faced inconvenience because of the ban. But in WhatsApp’s defense, the company never announced or was never associated with the former app in the first place. So, this ban is not something that we had not expected. The lesson to be learned here is, always trust official stores like Google Play for apps. And, it is also worth protecting your device with a reliable antivirus app such as Quick Heal Mobile Security.

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Rajiv Singha

Rajiv Singha


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  1. Hi please suggest me how to get unbanned from watsup and use the normal one?

    • Rahul Thadani Rahul ThadaniJanuary 27, 2015 at 4:26 PM

      Hi Prashanth,

      You simply need to wait for the 24-hours timer to complete. Once that is done, you can access your WhatsApp normally. At least, that is what has been claimed.


  2. Avatar mukesh senghaniJanuary 23, 2015 at 4:48 PM

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  3. Avatar govind kumar singhJanuary 23, 2015 at 6:19 PM

    Nice job working dear

  4. Avatar govind kumar singhJanuary 23, 2015 at 6:25 PM

    Nice whatapps

  5. Avatar govind kumar singhJanuary 23, 2015 at 6:27 PM

    Nice yaar

  6. Avatar govind kumar singhJanuary 23, 2015 at 6:28 PM

    Most working

  7. Avatar mathew P ninanJanuary 23, 2015 at 6:57 PM

    I do not have a whatsapp connection so why I am being banned, please check your records properly before banning anybody. – mathew

  8. i like it

  9. Dear Team,

    I am facing issue with Lennovo mobile for not refunding me money on time. Its been over 1 month of this issue & I was told I will be given refund with in a week time.

    Below is some background:
    1. handset was given to service center at raipur on 28th Oct 2014
    2. For a month no revert as company din’t had parts
    3. I contacted company & was told to handover box, charger, bill & canceled cheque to service center
    4. I was given a receipt & was told I will get my money back in a week time
    5. its over a month now & only reply I am getting from lenovo is that we are working on your case
    6. I raised my case higher & said that I need refund today & found that they haven’t received anything from service center
    7. I contacted service center & was told that person whom I gave my documents has left, so no one know where about of my document, so I am ask to go back again.
    8. I went to their service center & the manager said ok gives me handset – I was shocked. I said you already have it since 28th Oct. The receipt for same was taken away on 15th Dec when I went to give my document for refund process
    9. Company is still coming back with plain answer we are working on your case
    I feel humiliated & feel like this is a fraud case. Normal person usually lose interest in this & give up, which I don’t want to do.

    Please help.


  10. Exellecent

  11. Avatar Ranjan DahalJanuary 24, 2015 at 1:46 PM

    my anti virus programme can’t updated why sir

  12. ihad already uninstalled whats app plus and installed whats app from google play store and countdown of 24 hours also completed after completing the count down i thought whats app will be opened but the another count down appears how to solve this problem i had install app from google play please suggest me to over come from it

  13. Avatar Nadeem Sam PatelJanuary 25, 2015 at 10:52 PM

    thanks you

  14. happy republick day

  15. if you are banned.. plz uninstalled your whatsaap imminently,and wait for finished count down than re installed the whatsaap to the official wed site like google play etc..


  17. whatsapp is banned but im not able to use any other apps in bluestacks

  18. Hai Friends Now am facing thus problem from 1 week what i will do for that….?

  19. hi please help me,mera whatsapp temporary ban, pehle 24 hours aye,mene wait kiya fir 72 hours aye tab bhi wait kiya or ab 120 hours aa rahe he, kya karu pls help me bro.

    • Rahul Thadani Rahul ThadaniFebruary 5, 2015 at 10:20 AM

      Hi Saurabh,

      That’s very strange. We suggest you contact WhatsApp directly for help with this. You can visit this link for that – https://www.whatsapp.com/contact/.

      Another solution could be to simply uninstall and then reinstall WhatsApp on your device. Also, remove WhatsApp Plus if you have installed it on your phone.


  20. Whats work in whats app plush
    i dont know in more information…
    please i tell me FAST….

    • Rahul Thadani Rahul ThadaniFebruary 9, 2015 at 2:46 PM


      Can you please be more specific about what information regarding WhatsApp Plus you are looking for exactly? This information will allow us to provide you with a better and meaningful answer.

      Best regards.

  21. First the whatsapp was banned for 24 hrs. And now it is banned for 72 hours ! 🙁 please help me . Is there any solution ?? please solve my problem :'(

  22. Mera whats app tempory Banned 72 hour k loye h …abb kya kru main

  23. I banned 24hours
    Nw again also banned 64hours
    Guys i need ur help
    Wat i do to open whatsup again..

  24. My whatsapp is not working..it shows whatsapp not responding and it provides options. wait and close..
    and it happens each time I open whatsapp and because of this I am unable to use whatsapp from two days…pls.. help.reply as soon as possible

    • Rahul Thadani Rahul ThadaniApril 20, 2015 at 12:34 PM

      Hi Ujjwal,

      We recommend that you uninstall and reinstall your WhatsApp. If that also does not work, please contact the WhatsApp support center for assistance.


  25. Hi I also get the same problem first I get 24 hour time than I got 72 hour time after that I got 120 hour time it is possible that after this count down I’ll b able to use whataap plus

    • Rahul Thadani Rahul ThadaniApril 27, 2015 at 10:40 AM

      Hi Saqib,

      For this you will need to contact the WhatsApp Plus team or WhatsApp support for assistance.