Security news updates from the last week

Japan enforces severe punishments for people who download illegal content
Japan has modified its copyright laws and made it stricter for individuals who simply view pirated videos or download copyrighted content. Earlier, uploaders of such content faced severe consequences while downloaders were let go lightly. But this scenario has now changed due to falling revenues for the Japanese music industry. Fines can now go up to $25,700 and jail time can rise to as much as 2 years for people who download illegal content.

Youtube bows to Turkey government to offer a local domain
Youtube in Turkey will now have the domain name ‘’. As a result of this, the video sharing platform will be subject to Turkish tax rules and regulations and will also have to abide by any content regulations that are set in place by the local authorities. Turkey and Youtube have had a rocky relationship in the past and the tipping point for this move was the controversial movie Innocence of Muslims that Turkey wanted removed.

Brazilian hackers target ADSL routers
Brazilian hackers have devised an innovative way to hack ADSL routers and recently targeted 4.5 million routers. The method was aimed at a particular brand of routers running a specific version. This goes to show the extent to which hackers can go to infiltrate networks and private machines.

Google issues fresh warnings to cyberattack victims
Google has issued a fresh batch of warning messages on machines that are victims of cyberattacks. These messages appear when a user visits his Gmail login page. Google has issued such messages in the past and claims that these cases have now increased in number. If you happen to see such a message when you login to Gmail, you should immediately change your password and activate ‘two-factor authentication‘.

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