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secure your device with antivirus

Ever felt like there’s a tiny, invisible threat lurking in your pocket? Well, guess what? You might be pretty close. In today’s tech-savvy world, everyone’s lives practically revolve around their smartphones. From shopping to banking, booking travel to trading stocks, phones got you covered.

Imagine if someone was peeking into everything you do on your phone, tracking your every move. In 2022 alone, there were around 2.2 million mobile cyberattacks worldwide! They pose massive threats like financial fraud, data theft, etc.

Hence, ensuring your online security in this digital age is crucial. Staying safe online isn’t a luxury anymore; it’s a necessity. Read on to learn how you can keep hackers at bay and your pockets safe from unwanted intruders.

The Shocking Reality of Smartphone Cyber-Attacks Sweeping Through India

Are you curious about how smartphone cyber-attacks happen in India? Here are some recent cases you must know about.

A Cyberattack Targeting Samsung Smartphones:

phone antivirus(Image Source: The Economic Times)
The Indian government’s cybersecurity department has issued a high-risk security alert to Samsung Galaxy users. The warning follows hacking events which included illegal access to devices, photo deletion, and fingerprint manipulation. Hackers can use these vulnerabilities to access personal information and steal data.

Spread of Remote Access Trojan DogeRAT:

trojan attacks on android(Image Source: techcrunch.com)

This spyware targeted Android users in India. It is distributed via permitted apps on social networking and messaging sites, including ChatGPT and Opera Mini. Once installed on a victim’s smartphone, the malware gains access to contacts and banking information. The hackers can then make illicit payments, change files, and even capture images and keystrokes. It can also track the user’s location and record audio.

Now that you know how dangerous these cyber scams can be, it is crucial to understand what can protect you from them.

Quick Heal Antivirus to the Rescue!

Quick Heal Total Security for Android keeps your phone safe from all digital threats. It’s like having a personal bodyguard for your device. Here are some of the main features of Quick Heal’s antivirus software:

  1. Security Score and Privacy Score: Security score gives information on your risk profile and security state. It also gives useful tips for improving device security. Privacy Score provides insights into your data risks. It gives practical advice for strengthening and protecting your privacy and identity online.
  2. Quick Scan and Deep Scan For Your Device: Quick Scan – Quickly scan all your apps for threats, Deep Scan – A deep scan of all your apps, files, and folders.
  3. Cloud-based synchronized platform: metaProtectWith this cloud platform, you can sync up all your gadgets hassle-free. Just link your family’s devices to one metaProtect account for easy remote management. Handling licenses, renewals, and upgrades is a piece of cake from one central hub.
  4. Antispyware: This feature sends you an alert when the camera is turned on. When the microphone is turned on, the microphone icon appears in yellow, and the camera icon appears in green.
  5. Privacy Advisor: Privacy Advisor notifies you and allows you to check apps that may compromise your privacy. It allows you to review the app permissions and decide whether to keep them or not.

Other Safety Tips for Staying Digitally Safe

Here are some tips for you to ensure maximum smartphone security for yourself and your family:

  1. Manage your kids’ online activities with Smart Parenting. Block problematic content, and establish time limits for your children.
  2. Check apps before installation with PlayStore App Advisor, and scan them for risks before and after download.
  3. Avoid using public Wi-Fi and local charging ports.
  4. Do not click on links that you may have received from unknown sources.

Wrapping Up

Cybercriminals continually seek ways to exploit your data and privacy through malicious apps and phishing scams. To safeguard your smartphone, consider using Quick Heal Total Security for Android. This comprehensive security suite offers real-time scanning, web protection, anti-theft features, data breach alerts, safe banking, and smart parenting.

Try Quick Heal antivirus for free download today!


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