Quick Heal Supports Windows 10 November 2021 Update (version 21H2)

Windows 10 21H2

Microsoft has recently developed a new update for Windows 10 PCs, called Windows 10 November 2021 update, version 21H2. Here we’ll list down some of the highlights of this update and see how Quick Heal is compatible with this OS.

Few Highlights of the Windows 10 November 2021 update are:

  1. Wi-Fi security is enhanced due to WPA3 H2E standards support.
  2. Windows Hello for business supports simplified and password-less deployment models to achieve a deploy-to-run state within a few minutes.
  3. GPU compute support in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows (EFLOW) deployments for machine learning and other compute-intensive workflows.


Supported Quick Heal Version Details

  1. For Existing Users
    • Users having Quick Heal version 17.00 or later must take the latest Quick Heal updates first and then can update Windows operating system (OS) to Windows 10 21H2.

Recommendation – After receiving the latest Quick Heal updates, restart your PC. Then update to Windows 10 21H2.

  1. For New Users
    • Fresh Install – Our latest version Quick Heal Product v22.00 is compatible with Windows 10 21H2 update.


You must download the latest version of the Quick Heal product from https://www.quickheal.com/quick-heal-product-installer.


How to apply the latest Quick Heal update?

  • The update will be applied automatically if the automatic update in Quick Heal is turned ON.
  • You can also apply update date manually by following any one of these methods:
    • On the dashboard of Quick Heal, click update now
    • Go to More > About and click Update Now.
    • Right-click on the Quick Heal icon in the system tray and click Update Now.
    • Go to Start > All Programs> Quick Heal and click Quick Update.


How to ensure if the Quick Heal update has been successfully installed and is compatible with Windows 10 November 2021 Update?

If your Quick Heal Virus Database Date is the latest, it means it is compatible with Windows 10 21H2.

Note: Quick Heal V16.00 or earlier version is not supported on Windows 10 21H2

If you have any queries about Windows 10 21 h2 and Quick Heal products, please call us on 1800-121-7377 or drop us a message in the comments section below.



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