Older Versions of Quick Heal to end support for the Parental Control feature

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This is an important advisory for our users about the Parental Control feature that comes with Quick Heal Internet Security and Quick Heal Total Security. Starting from 1st October 2016, some older versions of these two products will stop supporting Parental Control. Read the rest of the post for more information on this.

Which versions of Quick Heal will stop supporting Parental Control?

  • Quick Heal Total Security (v12.00, v13.00, v14.00, v15.00)
  • Quick Heal Internet Security (v12.00, v13.00, v14.00, v15.00)

Steps to find out the version of your Quick Heal product

• Open the Quick Heal dashboard

• Go to Help > About

• Find the Product Version mentioned on the screen

What should you do?

A. If your product version is v12.00 or v13.00, then follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Uninstall your existing Quick Heal product (Control Panel > Quick Heal product > Uninstall)

2. Visit https://www.quickheal.co.in/quick-heal-product-installer/

3. Provide your existing (valid) Product Key

4. Download the setup file and follow on-screen instructions

B. If your product version is v14.00 or v15.00, then follow the steps mentioned below:

1. For Internet Security users: Please click here – Internet Security Upgrade

For Total Security users: Please click here – Total Security Upgrade

2. Download and run the setup file

3. Provide a valid Product Key and follow on-screen instructions

Benefits of using the latest version of Quick Heal (v17.00)

1. Enhanced Parental Control

Internet Browsing Control – restrict children from visiting unwanted websites.

Application Control – restrict children from accessing applications such as gaming programs, messaging tools, media players, etc.

PC Access Control – fix a timetable based on which, children can access the computer on particular days and time.

2. Anti-Keylogger
Prevents malicious programs called keyloggers from recording what you type on your keyboard while you are doing online banking or shopping or simply browsing the Internet.

3. Virtual Keyboard
Attackers can steal your confidential information by installing spyware or keyloggers on your machine. These are data-stealing software that record what you type on your keyboard, and send the information to attackers. This can be prevented by using the Virtual Keyboard. Any information typed on this keyboard gets encrypted and cannot be recorded or accessed by any malicious software.

4. Malware Protection
The existing Malware Protection of Quick Heal is now enhanced and offers more protection to your PC against spyware, adware, keyloggers, riskware, and other malicious programs.

For any queries or technical assistance, please visit our Support Page.

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