Free Southwest Airlines tickets – Facebook Scam

There is yet another scam spreading on Facebook today. This time users are being offered two free Southwest Airlines tickets. Needless to say, Southwest Airlines are not running any such promotion and users are simply being tricked into completing online surveys.

Spammers are sending out the following message regarding how Southwest is giving away free tickets:
“awesome! i just pick up my 2 complementary tickets from Southwest Airlines to fly anywhere i want lol!”

Here’s how it works. Users are encouraged to see if they could be the lucky winner of free plane tickets.

When they try, they are told they have indeed won the free tickets. They then get misled through some hoops that involve the filling out of online surveys. At the end there are no free tickets, but the scammers benefit through decent commissions earned from the filling up of surveys.

Southwest Airlines have nothing to do with this promotion. Their name is wrongly being used by the scammers. It’s easy to understand how people get fooled though, because many companies do offer similar promotions via Facebook.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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