Fake Facebook alert for changing their password

Facebook users are being targeted with fake emails pertaining to come from the social network and alerting them to change their password.

The emails are sent from the spoofed email address “Facebook (update+{Random Characters}@facebookmail.com) with subjects like:
-Security alert.
-Your account information.
-New notifications.

The email comes with one of these attachments:

Upon execution it connects the machine to remote servers to report its infection and to download additional malicious files.

If you come across such emails do not open the attachment. Instead, delete them and keep your antivirus updated. Quick Heal detects the malicious attached file as Trojan.Yakes.ljl so our users are already protected.

We recommend that users do not open such attachments from unknown senders.

Anand Yadav

Anand Yadav

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