Dad Drops His Daughter to Try to Catch a Baseball – Facebook Scam

The video of a dad dropping his daughter while trying to catch a baseball at an LA Dodgers Vs. Florida Marlins game made for a widely viewed video. Such videos often get popular on YouTube.

Spammers have targeted the popularity of this video and have begun to spread spam on Facebook claiming to present a link to the footage for anyone who wishes to see it.

Futhermore, it asks the user to complete an online survey and win exciting prizes like an iPod, a mobile phone etc.

We are seeing such scams pop up every day and have taken it upon ourselves to raise the awareness about them. We want to give you a couple of real-world examples of just how far crooks can go in order to get your attention. Remember the incident where Amy Winehouse was found dead at her home in London; well, soon after she was found there were a number of scams going around where people were trying to benefit themselves with the help of the shock value of her passing. Sickening!

If you come across such scams, make sure you have removed the entries from your news feed (to stop them being shared amongst your friends), mark them as spam if you like and check that your profile does not have any unwanted “Likes” under your “Likes and interests”.

By using Quick Heal Antivirus, you get protected from such fraudulent attacks.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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