Facebook Scam – Most embarrassing moment ever in beauty contest

There is a new scam spreading around in Facebook. The scam spreads by tempting a user to click a link that shows the message – “Most embarrassing moment ever in Beauty Contest”.

The scam also has following description – “Poor girl makes the biggest mistake of her life on a live Beauty contest”. With such manipulative wording, the scammer creates a fascinating atmosphere and tries to lure the user to click on the link.

Once the user clicks on it he gets redirected to a scam page that looks like this:

Before the video starts playing, the user is urged to answer a few questions which are meant to verify if he is really human.

Survey scams are on the rise because scammers get paid money every time they get a Facebook user to complete a survey.

We recommend that users stay away from this scam.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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