Android Devices – One More Reason Why Your Business Needs End Point Security

As much as Android is loved all over the world (well, not all but most), it has its own follies. Yes, it is an open platform, it gives away loads of awesome apps for free, and it is open for customization. So, where’s the folly? Most users must have noted that Android devices are not so keen in receiving regular updates or security patches.


Recent reports fetched from revealed:

–  Less than 2% of Android devices are running Kitkat, the latest version of the Android OS (relatively more secure Android OS).

–  Jellybean 4.3 is active on about 9% of the devices

–  A surprising 20% of Android phones are still putting up with grandpa Gingerbread, which is by the way, has a poor security score against malware.

So, what does all these stats signify?

Let’s do a reality check first –

A)     Users of Android easily outrun the number of users of other mobile platforms. This means, Android mobiles are virtually everywhere.

B)      Most organizations have started embracing the Bring Your Own Device trend. In other words, they now allow their employees to use their personal mobile devices for official work such as accessing the company’s network.

C)      The growth rate of Android malware can give Usain Bolt a run for his money.

D)     Third party Android stores play host to 7000 Android apps.

E)      Even Google play is not vigilantly policed for malicious apps.

Now, combine the points A, B, C, D and E with the pointers above and voila! You have with you a masterpiece called “There Goes My Business.”

Enterprises, SMEs and larges ones alike, with a flimsy watchtower on the types of mobile devices accessing their network and data, could be the weakest prey in the herd for vicious hackers. But then managing a multitude of such devices and patrolling each one of them could put a huge boulder on the management’s head.

So, how can you protect your company’s network and let employees use their mobile devices at the same time?

Does end point security ring any bells? Having your business cocooned by an end point security solution can significantly reduce a malware attack that can take place via compromised mobile devices (Android devices in this case). Besides that, there are other benefits too:

–          Web security that shields your network from malicious websites.

–          Web filtering that blocks unproductive and inappropriate websites.

–          Email security that filters every email before it reaches the corporate network.

–          On-demand and schedule virus scan of all endpoints from a central location.

–          Dashboard that gives real-time alerts in case a serious security incident takes place.

Quick Heal’s End Point Security ensures that your business runs seamlessly with all such benefits and be in compliance with standard security policies. Request a free demo.

Rajiv Singha

Rajiv Singha

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