If Hackers Have AI for Hacking, What Do You Have for Security? Explore How GoDeep.AI Protects You From Cyberattacks

AI for hacking

Do you think Artificial intelligence (AI) can only make lives better?
Think again.
Now that hackers have started using AI to infiltrate systems and networks, it has the potential to devastate organizations and individuals. People have lost their precious data and millions of dollars because of the use of AI-led cyberattacks. And the sad part is that AI-led digital attacks keep getting bigger and more brutal.
Let’s find out how cyber attackers use AI and beat them using the same sword.

How Hackers Use AI for Hacking

Here’s how hackers use AI today to attack unsuspecting users:

  • Sophisticated Phishing Attacks: Cybercriminals leverage machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and generative AI tools (like ChatGPT) to create advanced, incredibly persuasive phishing emails, targeting businesses and individuals.
  • Social engineering attacks: These AI-generated internet threats aim to manipulate people with convincing (but fake) personas, scenarios, and messages. For example Deepfakes, automated bots spreading malicious links or news, fake social media profiles, etc. For instance, a UK-based CEO got scammed through voice deepfake and lost over USD 220,000 in 2018.
  • AI-powered ransomware and malware: These can gather crucial system data such as documents, photos, etc., and blackmail users in exchange for hefty money.
  • Adversarial AI: There are essentially two types of adversarial AI: data poisoning and evasion. The former involves adding malicious data to an AI model, manipulating its behavior, and compromising performance. The latter involves deceiving an AI model by modifying its input data and enabling it to misclassify information.
  • Malicious GPTs: As the name suggests, these types of GPTs manipulate genuine GPTs to conduct offenses by generating fraud emails, malware, hate speech, etc. Some of the notorious ones are WormGPT, PoisonGPT, and FraudGPT.
  • DDoS attacks: AI-assisted DDoS attacks can detect and exploit vulnerabilities in networks to cause a cyberattack at a magnified level. As an example consider TaskRabbit, an online freelancing marketplace, faced an AI-assisted DDoS attack in 2018 that compromised 3.75 million users’ data.
  • AI-led cyber-physical attacks: Some hackers have used AI to target physical systems like electrical grids, water treatment plants, transportation systems, etc. This stands as a huge threat to all nations.

That said, is there any solution to this?
The answer is Yes! – Introducing GoDeep.AI by Quick Heal!

How to Safeguard Your Digital Defenses with GoDeep.AI

GoDeep.AI is a cloud-based, AI-enabled technology that hunts down malware. It leverages an advanced predictive deep learning module with the capability to learn and retain knowledge of various malware and threats by securely storing information in the cloud.

Let’s now talk about the standout features of GoDeep.AI that make it so powerful:

  • Advanced Behavior Detection: GoDeep.AI continuously monitors and tracks all programs and their operations on your computer. If it detects suspicious activity resembling malware behavior, it promptly initiates blocking measures.
  • DNA Scans: This technology traps suspected files with minimal false alarms, quarantines them, and submits them to Quick Heal for analysis. The analysis helps identify new threats and curb them in advance.

But are you concerned about its high resource consumption? Or contemplating its efficacy in defending against Zero Day attacks?
Well, you are in for good news! GoDeep.AI effectively combats zero-day attacks while minimizing system resource consumption.

  • Multi-layered defense: GoDeep.AI utilizes the combined power of AI and anti-keylogger technology to provide multilayered defense against malware, ransomware, and other internet threats, ensuring complete system security.
  • Seed analysis: The malware hunter seamlessly identifies all conceivable digital threats, providing comprehensive insights into their origin, capabilities, and potential impact on your organization. Moreover, GoDeep.AI can preemptively neutralize these threats before they breach your system or wreak havoc.

Seems interesting?
Well, if you say yes, you might want to know how to put GoDeep.AI to real use.

Navigating Digital Security with GoDeep.AI and Quick Heal

GoDeep.AI, developed by Seqrite, a leading Enterprise Security brand of Quick Heal, offers robust protection for both home and office environments against sophisticated cyber threats. Moreover, Quick Heal Total Security, with its array of advanced features alongside GoDeep.AI, is the best choice for ensuring comprehensive digital security.

Quick Heal Total Security offers:

  • Security and Privacy Score: Get detailed insights on your security status and data risks along with tips to enhance your security online.
  • Intuitive reports and workflows: You will receive easy-to-understand, real-time visual snapshots of all your digital footprints.
  • metaProtect: This cloud-based solution allows you to manage and synchronize your device security, licenses, upgrades, renews, etc., on the go!
  • Robust features: It includes some of the best and most robust features, including safe banking, ransomware, virus and malware protection, external drive security, advanced firewall, vulnerability scanning, safe browsing, smart file scan engine, intrusion detection and prevention, data breach alerts, file vault, anti-tracker, webcam protection, Wi-Fi scanner, track cleaner, and even smart parenting.
  • Superior performance: It’s not just limited to securing your system but also improves your overall performance. By eliminating unnecessary junk and redundant data that consumes valuable space, GoDeep.AI ensures optimal system performance. Additionally, its game booster feature enhances gameplay performance for an even smoother experience.

Wrapping Up

To counter the escalating threat of AI-powered cyberattacks, adopting more sophisticated technologies is paramount. Quick Heal Total Security antivirus stands out as an exemplary solution. This cutting-edge antivirus software combines groundbreaking GoDeep.AI technology with other robust features to provide 360-degree, round-the-clock digital protection for your systems.


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