A Roundup of the Top Enterprise IT Security Blog Posts of 2013

Enterprise IT Security can be compared to the knobs and handles in kitchen cabinets – essential items that get the least of our attention. In 2013, we presented to our readers with many essential aspects of enterprise IT security. These aspects touched points ranging from India being the 4th most targeted nation by phishers to why IT security can fuel the business of SMEs. Here, we have outlined some of the top enterprise IT security blog posts of 2013.

Better IT Security Means Better Business for Small and Medium Enterprises


Most customers prefer doing business with an online retailer if they know that their data and transaction are safe with it. All it takes is one data breach for a business to lose loyal and potential customers, hard-earned reputation, and foothold in the market.


India – the 4th Most Targeted Nation by Phishers!


This post gives you a brief about how phishing attacks are affecting Indian enterprises and what can be done to contain the problem.


Why a Simple Antivirus Isn’t Enough for Small and Midsize Businesses


With more and more businesses becoming aware about cyber security, UTM appliances are gaining popularity. This post outlines the key features that UTMs offer and can make a big difference in enterprise IT security.


Mobiles Might be the Next Biggest Security Threat to Businesses


The family of mobile devices may not be so happy by what is being predicted about them. Recent research has labelled them as the biggest enterprise security threat of 2014.


Cyber Crimes against India – Increasing in Leaps and Bounds


India happens to be the 4th most favorite target of cyber criminals when it comes to phishing attacks. This fact is vouched by the number of cyber attacks hitting the country, which has scaled exponentially in 2013.


How Cyber Criminals are Using Small Enterprises to Attack their Real Targets


Small enterprises in America are increasingly targeted by cyber criminals based in China. It may seem that hackers are interested in their money or data, but the fact is, the waters are deeper than this.


How Prepared is your Business against Data Breach?


If you are running an enterprise, then its future depends on the answer you have for this question.


The Underlying Threats to Enterprise Security


While the number of enterprise security threats can be in hundreds, in this post, we have discussed those that can do the maximum damage.

Rajiv Singha

Rajiv Singha

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