9 security tips for using mobile payment apps

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Do you find it convenient to shop and bank online using mobile payment apps? Most would have ‘yes’ as an answer. But, are we letting ‘convenience’ overshadow ‘security’? An attacker can easily get hold of your personal and banking information if the app or the mobile site you are using is compromised. The chances of this happening significantly increases if your mobile device itself is infected. So, to help you avoid such a disaster, here are 9 safety steps for making secure mobile payments.

#TIP 1
Download mobile payment apps only from official stores such as Google Play and Apple Store.

#TIP 2
Before you download any app, verify the publisher. The ‘Top Developer’ badge (in Google Play) is usually a good sign that the app is safe. Read its user reviews and just Google “Is (app name) safe?”.

#TIP 3
Carefully read the permissions that the app asks for. If you think a mobile payment app is asking for more than what is required, do not install it. If you have any doubts regarding the permissions, just contact the app’s manufacturer via their Twitter handle.

#TIP 4
Never visit an online banking or shopping website by clicking on a link received in an email or text message.

#TIP 5
Always choose a strong password for accounts for net banking or online payment apps. It should be a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters.

#TIP 6
Do not use unsecured, public Wi-Fi networks for onling banking or shopping. Doing so may let an attacker steal your information.

#TIP 7
Only use established and well-known websites to for online shopping and paying for utilities.

#TIP 8
Ensure your banking transactions are OTP (one time password) enabled. While paying a purchase through net banking, debit/credit card, you will enter your login ID and password (or card details) and also an OTP (code sent to your registered mobile number) before you can make the final payment. So, even if an attacker manages to steal your net banking/card details, payment won’t go through without the OTP.

#TIP 9
Install a mobile security app that is built with multiple layers of security. The Quick Heal Total Security App comes with SafePe besides other advanced features. SafePe is especially designed to secure your financial information when you use mobile payment apps for online shopping, banking, paying bills, etc.


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Rajiv Singha


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