7 Reasons why you need Quick Heal to Combat Financial Frauds

Earlier this year, The Hindu reported that 9% of Indian families claim to be victims of online financial fraud. This finding was based on a survey which received nearly 32,000 responses from families located in 331 districts of India comprising 66% male respondents and 34% women.

Need for AI in Digital Protection against Financial Frauds

In the face of rising statistics, the urgent need for advanced solutions becomes evident. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-backed & Machine Learning (ML)-based technologies become crucial in evolving our defenses against sophisticated digital financial crimes. To stay a step ahead of threats and risks, digital citizens require robust digital defense offering proactive, adaptive, and swift responses to safeguard individuals and families in an increasingly interconnected world.

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7 reasons why Quick Heal Total Security should be your first choice to combat Financial Frauds

1. Security and Privacy Score

Quick Heal’s latest version of products have primarily prioritized user-experience, boasting a simplified UI that is easily accessible to users of all ages and technical backgrounds. With easy to understand visual reports, users are provided with personalized assessments of their device security and privacy status, alongside actionable recommendations for improvement. Digital Safety that not only protects but also empowers!

2. Safe Banking and SafePe

With this feature users can be assured of a secure financial transaction with payment apps for online shopping, banking, and bill payments. This feature checks your device for malware and vulnerabilities before any transaction. It scans device root access, integrity, environment, file system, and network. Note: SafePe is a premium feature that you can buy as an individual feature and is also available in Quick Heal Total Security.

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3. AI-Enabled Cyber Security Solution

Quick Heal products leverage GoDeep.AI, a self-aware malware-hunting innovation, bolstering protection against emerging threats without compromising system performance.

4. Supported by India’s Largest Malware Labs

Supported by real-time threat intelligence from SEQRITE labs, India’s largest malware analysis facility, our focus is on constant innovation to enhance predictive, detective, and defense mechanisms against known and unknown threats, utilizing the latest digitally advanced technologies. Seqrite, Quick Heal’s cyber security solutions for enterprises.

5. Patent-Backed Innovation: 

Quick Heal products are reinforced by a series of international patents. These patents demonstrate Quick Heal’s commitment to innovation, and development of robust technologies that go beyond conventional antivirus solutions. With a focus on anti-ransomware, malware detection in data streams, and behavior-based detection, these patented technologies ensure a proactive and effective defense against the latest threats, setting a clear standard for cybersecurity in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

6. metaProtect

With this enhanced feature users can effortlessly manage the security and privacy for their family’s devices with just a click from a single console. This feature also includes easy managing subscriptions, smart parenting tools, and anti-theft measures, and ensures that users get a smooth and synchronized cybersecurity experience across all their devices. Users can now focus on what matters knowing that their entire household is in secure hands.

7. Bot Removal Kit

Quick Heal, in partnership with the Central Government’s Cyber Swachhta Kendra (CSK) initiative, has created a bot removal tool to safeguard Indian citizens from digital threats. With Quick Heal’s bot removal tool users can identify and eliminate harmful bots, which threaten privacy and computer performance. Although not the same as viruses, bots can be more menacing due to their ability to communicate, adapt, and form powerful botnets.


In a world where the digital realm demands proactive defense, Quick Heal emerges not just as a solution but as a digital avenger ensuring your peace of mind in an interconnected reality.

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Now, if you’re still wondering whether you are truly digitally safe or not, we recommend that you take the Risk-o-meter test, and check your safety score today!

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