Xbox Phishing Site

For years, PC users have been suffering from phishing threats. But now, the newest phishing attack targets users of Microsoft’s Xbox console.

The phishing site (hosted in Timor-Leste) collects Xbox user’s account information (which is Windows Live E-mail address and Password). These Xbox Live accounts are then traded for real world cash (on sites such as e-bay).

You may be phished via:

– Email messages that appear to be from a coworker or friend with links to a web site or asking for information about you or your account(s)
– An instant message that appear to come from someone in your friends list with a link to a web site
– An email appearing to come from XBOX or Microsoft
– A “Spoof” web site, pretending to be an Xbox LIVE website with a Windows Live ID login page

Single most important thing to remember is: Do not reveal your login credentials or other information about you or your account(s).
So if you are an Xbox user, beware!!

Abhijit Kulkarni

Abhijit Kulkarni

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