Windows XP users do not press F1 if prompted by a website

As Abhijit Kulkarni yesterday blogged about the .HLP vulnerability in Windows XP. See details below in his blog. I observed that Microsoft has rated this vulnerability as “Medium risk” as it needs user intervention. We are monitoring for any malicious exploit of this vulnerability being made by any malware.

I see no reason why this vulnerability will not be exploited and hence recommend all our users to avoid pressing F1 in Windows XP when using the browser. If a website is showing a prompt or asking users to press F1 to perform certain activity, there may be chance that the website is infected by a malware exploiting this vulnerability.

If anybody comes across such website which is asking to press F1 repeatedly, please report it to us on viruslab at quickheal dot com

Sanjay Katkar

Sanjay Katkar

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