What constitutes an effective mobile security suite?

With mobile malware on the rise and with millions of people jumping onto the smartphone bandwagon, the necessity to protect devices is now pronounced. Mobile scanning software is designed to protect smartphones from multiple threats. In an earlier post we discussed why your Android smartphone needs security, this article highlights the features that an effective mobile security suite must possess. Discussed below are some salient features and their benefits:

Anti-Theft Features
The biggest threat to smartphones is the ease with which they can be stolen or misplaced. Phones that are used for various online or work related activities contain large caches of confidential data that can be misused. Consequently, it becomes necessary to protect the data on the device through reliable methods such as:

  1. Remote Tracking
    This feature helps track the physical location of a handset in real-time by utilizing its GPS transmitter. It shows the whereabouts of the device and this helps in its recovery.
  2. Remote Locking
    This feature blocks access to a lost device by sending a predetermined and discreet SMS to the missing handset. Once the lock-down procedure has been initiated, only a preset password can help access it.
  3. Remote Wiping
    With this feature one can remotely erase all data from the lost device. It also allows you to select whether the internal memory or the memory card or both, will be deleted.
  4. SIM Change Notification
    This feature sends a discreet SMS to an alternate phone number (provided beforehand) and shares details about the new SIM card in that SMS.

Anti Spam Features
The next danger that a device is exposed to is malware and spam. Worms reach the device through SMS and MMS messages, media files, applications, Bluetooth transfers, email links and suspicious downloads. Links or attachments are the biggest carriers of spam, Trojans and other malware so one must be cautious.

  1. Real-Time Scanning
    Real-time protection against any threat is essential. However, this is not at the cost of draining the battery, overloading the memory or slowing the device. There are also options for regular scheduled scans or system-wide on-demand scans.
  2. Application Scanning
    Installing apps from third-party sources can invite dangerous malware. These can transmit activity logs and information to a remote server. Effective security software scans all apps and media files and notifies the user about potential hazards immediately.
  3. Memory Card Scanning
    Phones that have hot swappable memory card slots (where the memory card can be removed without removing the battery) are at risk if a corrupted memory card is inserted. Hence, all files in a new memory card are scanned and any potential danger is quarantined.
  4. Spam Protection
    Intelligent security suites also provide active spam protection against the latest threats as soon as they arise.
  5. Call and SMS Blocking
    Annoying telemarketing calls and promotional messages can also be blocked easily with this feature. This is usually carried out with the creation of a black list and/or white list of numbers whose incoming activities are undesired.

A good mobile security suite offers effective features that do not slow down the device, provide easy installation and efficient technical assistance. Quick Heal mobile security caters to users of Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone as well. We understand the importance of your data and are constantly working towards providing features that help keep such data encrypted and safe without compromising on the performance.

Rahul Thadani

Rahul Thadani

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