Update Mozilla Firefox

Firefox 3.6.4 has been released, this version address 7 vulnerabilities which range from critical issues such as denial of service or arbitrary code execution bugs along with a few lower level issues. Below is list of critical vulnerabilities fixed in this version

MFSA 2010-30 Integer Overflow in XSLT Node Sorting

MFSA 2010-29 Heap buffer overflow in nsGenericDOMDataNode::SetTextInternal

MFSA 2010-28 Freed object reuse across plugin instances

MFSA 2010-26 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:

For full list of fixed vulnerabilities click here.

In this version they have also improved the handling of plugin crashes, now if a plugin crash or freez while visiting or browsing a website it will now crash the plugin without killing the browser (process end). User and reader if you have not update visit below link to download.


Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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