Twitter worm Profile Spy spreading fast.

It appears that a new Twitter scam is making its way in lots of innocent users twitter account. We call this a Profile Spy worm app. Its basically a rogue Twitter application known as Profile Spy which tricks Twitter users into believing that it can tell them who has been viewing their online profile.

If you happen to see below tweets put by someone you follow that means that the person you follow is infected by this worm. Profile Spy adds below tweets to infected users account:

Wow! See who viewed your twitter with Profile Spy.

The above tweet is followed by a link. Twitter users those who click on the link are asked to allow the application to access their profile and also update it. This is a good trick as it does not asks user for any password and simply asks for the permission to access the Twitter account just like other Twitter official applications. The user is shown below message in the browser.

Once the user gives Profile Spy full access to their Twitter account it then takes control of the account and posts the above tweet to the account. After that the application shows lots of popup and other scam page links some of them ask to fill out survey forms that tell you will win a price at the end. This goes on. All the advertisements and popup that are displayed by the worm are part of scam where the hacker (creator of the Profile Spy application) is going to gain out of it.

We recommend all Twitter users not to click on the link offered by Profile Spy. Those who are already affected by the scam can easily recover from it by following below steps:

1. Go to your “Profile”.
2. Select “Edit your profile”.
3. Then selet connections Tab.
4. List of applications accessing your profile will be shown.
5. click “Revock Access” for Profile Spy.

Also do not forget to remove the two posts that the applications add in to your tweets. This will make sure nobody else among your followers will falls victim to this worm by clicking on the link in the post.

Sanjay Katkar

Sanjay Katkar

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