Trivia! 5 things you never imagined could be hacked by cyber criminals

The term “hacking” has become the talk of the town, with one new incidence of hacking being reported every single day. The internet is in for a spin as cases of hacking are getting reported on a global level, triggering the realization that anything and everything with a vulnerable spot could be used to make you an unsuspecting victim of hacking.

While scenarios of website hacking have been around for quite some time, the recent years have witnessed an increase in some weird things also getting hacked. Here is a list of few such weird things that have successfully been hacked by cyber criminals, putting people on the alert mode:

Baby Monitors – There was a time when baby monitors were considered a helpful medium for worried parents to remotely monitor their baby through their smartphones. However, their happiness and relief was short lived with hackers soon finding a way to hack through these internet-connected baby monitors, giving sleepless nights to parents.

Hotels – Way back in 2014, a security consultant revealed using an iPad to hack and gain control into nearly 200 rooms of a hotel, allowing him to control the room’s temperature, light, etc. This goes on to show that this is just the beginning!

Toys – Who could have thought that something that was basically meant to entertain toddlers and kids, could be used to jeopardise the lives of their families. Many of today’s technologically advanced, internet-connected toys can easily be hacked and used as a spying device, to intrude into your privacy.

Home Appliances – With the introduction of smart devices and smart appliances; these have today become a part and parcel of our smart lifestyle. However, as smart as cyber criminals are, it comes as no surprise that these smart appliances can be hacked and used to spy upon everything you do… right from when you sleep and wake to what you watch on the TV!

Vehicles – With technology advancing at an unimaginable pace, it is now the internet connected vehicles that are being targeted by cyber criminals. Once the controls are hacked, the hacker can manoeuvre the vehicle any which way they want, posing a huge risk not just for the riders but also co-riders and other riders on the road.

The frequent incidences of devices and weird things getting hacked, have made hacking a global issue. This also goes on to remind us that while hackers have become smart, it’s time that we become smarter and choose the right antivirus or robust protection like Quick Heal Home Security (QHHS) for securing our smart devices and networks.

Sushmita Kalashikar

Sushmita Kalashikar

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