This festive season gift your loved ones ‘online security’

Phew, an unprecedented year finally seems to be coming to an end. To put it mildly, it’s been a year of crises with the biggest one, the COVID-19 pandemic, changing the way we live.

But finally, there’s a little bit of celebration in the air as the sounds of Navratri/Durga Puja, the lights of Diwali, and the spirit of Christmas approaches. Of course, the celebrations this year are going to different; the pandemic continues to ravage the world and we all need to do our bit to stay safe which means cutting down on in-person celebrations.

But that doesn’t mean the gifting has to stop, right? After all, no festive season is complete without gifts. So, if you’re considering what to gift to your loved ones this year, we have an intelligent idea for you – why not give them a total cybersecurity solution?

They probably need it more than you think

Let’s be honest: with a majority of the year spent at home and the world around unlocking only bit by bit, we’re not going to be seeing people go out a lot in the next few months. What we have seen though is that the Internet connection has become a gateway to the outer world for everyone.

Whether it’s chatting with friends, having virtual parties or working from home, the Internet connection has become the most prized asset in a household. But that also opens up more opportunities for threats to disrupt the connection.

So, help your loved one take back more control of their life by gifting them a security solution that ensures they are protected without any cause for worry!

The gift of Privacy & Parental Control

Privacy has become one of our key losses in this digital era with huge corporations tracking our every move on the Internet, and increasingly, in real-life too. Quick Heal Total Security gives end-users their privacy back with tools such as Anti-Tracker, Webcam Protection, Anti-Keylogger, and more.

Additionally, if you’re planning on gifting something to a family with kids, Quick Heal Total Security is a great option as it will help keep children safe on the Internet with its privacy control features. With schools shut, children are learning in virtual classrooms which raises fears of inappropriate usage. With Parental Control features, parents can regulate websites their children visit, fix timetables on when their kids can access the PC and restrict them from accessing certain applications.

Boosting their systems

Quick Heal Total Security doesn’t just protect systems from threats, it can also boost system performance through a range of external features. Game Booster helps in smooth gaming while Track Cleaner cleans tracks of all files and documents to ensure privacy. PC Tuner can speed up performance for resource-intensive tasks.

Quick Heal Total Security Festive Pack comes with 2 months of extra validity and is the perfect gift for loved ones, relatives, and friends in this festive season. By activating the Quick Heal license key on any of the festive days mentioned on this link, an additional validity of 4 months can be procured. Check it out now and make your festivals more secure!



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