Cyber Security Challenges and Emerging Reforms in the Indian Banking Sector

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 June 1, 2016

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The Indian banking industry has evolved majorly in the past few years owing to technological innovations. Public and privatized banks are allotting bigger budgets towards acquiring and building IT infrastructure and have leveraged IT across all banking operations. Banks constantly face the business challenge of meeting customers’ expectations and improvising...

Dos and Don’ts while entering your Debit Card PIN at Retail Outlets

 December 3, 2013

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From December 1st, 2013 onwards, the Reserve Bank of India has made it mandatory for debit card holders to use their ATM PIN for carrying out debit card transactions at any retail store. To put this system into place, all banks were instructed by the RBI to upgrade their Point...

Breaking down a fraudulent RBI email

 November 1, 2012

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I just received a scam email in my gmail inbox that pretends to be from the RBI. The message dangles the temptation of a windfall of money but asks me to make a payment first. Such emails are very common but there are still many people who fall for this...

Beware: Fake mails with the name of RBI

 October 16, 2012

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Fraudsters have gone one step ahead and started circulating e-mails that resemble the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) official letters. These emails appear to come from Mr. D. Subbarao, the Governor of RBI. Such con letters appear to come from the Funds Remittance Department of RBI and they tell the...

RBI Phishing scam: “Important account updates as a matter of urgent”

 May 8, 2012

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Today I come across a fraudulent email which is exclusively designed for carrying out phishing attacks on several Indian banks like State Bank of India (SBI), Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Union bank, ING Vysya and many more. This email pretends to be from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)...

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) – Phishing Scam

 September 27, 2011

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The number of email frauds occurring in India is on a rise. ‘Phishing scam’ refers to a fraudulent activity where the scammer sends fake emails to people and convinces them about the official validity of such mails. Surprisingly, I have come across a few emails which are targeting the RBI,...