Spammers Targeting Twitter – “iTunes Gift Card spam”

We’ve already seen some iTunes gift card scams spreading via Facebook, but today the thing to look out for is an iTunes Gift Card spam on Twitter.

Some typical messages:

As of now the Twitter accounts sending out these messages all have a profile picture of random women.
It seems that these Twitter users have been created purely for the purpose of spamming out these tweets.

Anyone clicking on the links gets redirected to a dating website.

As expected, there are no signs of any free iTunes gift cards. Spammers are just using the lure of a free iTunes gift card to entice unsuspecting Twitter users into visiting their websites.
In this way the spammers could easily take you to a webpage containing malware or a website which could potentially phish your passwords.

So, avoid getting tricked by such spams on social networking platforms.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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