Security news updates from the last week

Fake BlackBerry account activation email
A fake BlackBerry account creation email is doing the rounds. The content of the email is the same as a legitimate account creation message sent by RIM, but the attachment with this email is a source of concern. Downloading the attachment can lead to infection so readers should be cautious. Interestingly, the attachment is dangerous only if it is downloaded on a desktop and not on a smartphone.

Aviation authorities reconsidering electronic device policies
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is studying the possibility of letting mobile phones and tablets be switched on during take-off and landing procedures. The rising number of mobile devices and advancements in technology have changed the dynamics of these processes. So there is a chance that this may materialize in the next few years.

Privacy concerns regarding Google auto-tag patents
With all the brouhaha about patents lately, Google has bagged a fairly significant one that could affect privacy concerns all over the world. This patent allows Google to ‘auto-tag’ videos or images with popular landmarks, objects or features in them. While the feature sounds useful, it could greatly increase the amount of data that Google possesses about users. The primary intention here is to reduce the human effort but we can’t help but feel that this would adversely affect privacy.

Interesting facts and figures about phishing
Phishing attacks in the first half of 2012 have increased by 19% over the second half of 2011 leading to a loss of almost $700 million around the world. Refer to this report for more information and facts about phishing and its dangers.

Rahul Thadani

Rahul Thadani


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  1. Thanks alot Rahul for weekly update once again.
    Plz let me know what`s the relation between smart phones and tablets(Switched ON) with Aviation Crafts take off and landing.
    Means why it is done so?

  2. Dear Sameer,
    You would be well aware about communication between mobile & tower (radio frequency).While landing or take-off, this radio frequency can creat interference in control system of the aircraft.As our aircraft take the desired height they allow us to switch on the gadgets,its because you do not get any mobile network & that height.
    I hope it will be clear to you.
    If i am wrong pl correct me.

  3. Avatar Gopinath MaitySeptember 4, 2012 at 9:49 PM

    Dear Rahul,

    I have installed ‘Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro2012 (virus database 06 august 2011)in the month of july-2012. but the same is not updating by clicking ‘update now’ option.

    what can i do now? Pls send a solution of the same.

    Thanking you

    with Regards
    Gopinath Maity