Beware of Fake Complaint Emails from BBB

Another email scam that uses the name and logo of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has continued to spread over the Internet. A majority of such emails carry the recognisable BBB torch logo and contain the subject line “Case #91492169”. These emails carry an attachment that contains a malicious executable file with the name “BBB_complaint.pdf.exe“. This file has a PDF file icon.

The primary intention of the attacker is to unload the attachment on the machine of a victim. With this purpose in mind, the attacker scares a victim with the claim that related customers have launched a series of serious complaints against his firm. After such a panicky and intimidating scenario has been created, the attacker asks the victim to open the PDF file attached with the email to view all the details and information about these complaints.

Once the attachment is unloaded, the machine gets infected with a Trojan known as “Trojan.Tepfer.bhv“. This trojan steals vital information from the infected machine and sends this data to remote servers controlled by the attacker.

Quick Heal successfully detects and deletes the malicious attachment and protects users from such fraudulent attacks.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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8 years ago

Thanks for updating with one more scam.

Kshitiz Agarwal
Kshitiz Agarwal
8 years ago

I had purchased quick heal product (Quick Heal Total Security 2012) one year license in November 2012. It was a desktop edition which is accessible to Windows XP and Window 7 operating system. But in February 2013 due my application requirement I had to switch from Window 7 Operating system (OS) to Windows 2008 Server operating system. Quick heal total security 2012 that I had purchased is not supported by my OS, so I called their customer care department and tell them about my problem and ask them to convert my user to server edition and I’ll pay difference amount,… Read more »

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