China condemns the iPhone and other IT security news

Here is a quick look into the IT security news and industry relevant stories from the week gone by.

Hybrid future of data is imminent

With data security and privacy as high as ever, Gartner has boldly predicted that the physical location of data is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Instead, what will be of utmost importance is a combination of legal location, political location and logical location, as far as business organizations are concerned. A major cause for this has been Edward Snowden’s list of revelations about NSA surveillance. Read more here.


Android smartwatches vs. Flappy Bird clones

Google has brought wearable computing to our wrists now with Android smartwatches which are superb to use. Unfortunately, where Android goes, security risks follow. Flappy Bird was a hugely popular Android game, but it was recently discontinued. A clone of that called Flopsy Droid has now reached Android Wear enabled watches, and what this means for security on smartwatched is anybody’s guess. Read more here.


Singapore takes monumental step to block illegal sites

Even the Singaporean Copyright Act was no match when it came to the country’s combat against content infringing sites like Pirate Bay. The Government has successfully amended the Act so as to compel service providers to block such sites. While methods to bypass the block still exist, we feel this is a pretty monumental announcement. Read more here.


China declares war – on the Apple iPhone

State-run media in China is not too happy with the location tracking mechanism of the Apple iPhone. Or maybe they are just coming up with ways to beat out the competition. As a result, they have declared the iPhone a national security threat. Read more here.


Other Security News:

# Financial Trojan ‘Shylock’ that has infected at least 30,000 Windows machines worldwide has been taken down by international law enforcement and security experts.

# BlackBerry’s BBM, the one notable remnant of the BlackBerry, is now available on the Windows Phone platform.

# A round-up of related news events about what’s new in the malware world.

# Travelers targeted by infected travel websites.

Rahul Thadani

Rahul Thadani

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