Rogue software uses the name “Microsoft Security Essentials”

“Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Rogueware Alert” pop ups declaring that it was unable to remove Unknown Win32/Trojan threat

Once user clicks on clean, it recommends to online scan and shows legitimate AVs names.
In addition it also shows free install for Rogue software
“Red Cross”,
“Peak Protection”,
“Pest Detector”,
“Major Defense Kit”
“AntiSpy Safeguard”

Once this Rogueware is installed, it prompts to reboot your computer. After reboot,
It displays fake scan reports.

The main goal of “Microsoft Security Essentials Rogueware” is force users to purchase the rogue software.
Do not install any of those tools as they are fake.

Quick Heal already detects “Microsoft Security Essentials Rogueware” as “Win32.Rogue.FakePAV.3”

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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