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Postcard Back… How funny

March 4, 2008
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Storms back, and back to generic e-Card spam. From yesterday we have

seen a surge in e-Card spam.

Current Quick Heal detection for E-card is

Spamed mails have

Subject Line:

Your ecard joke is waiting

new ecard waiting

Now this is funny

online greeting waiting

You have an ecard

We have a ecard surprise

Someone Just sent you an ecard

Did you open your ecard yet

ecard waiting for you

Open your ecard

sent you an ecard

Mail Body Content:

You have been sent the Funny Ecard

original Funny Card

Someone Sent you this Funny Ecard

your funny postcard

original Funny Postcard

laughing Funny Card

You have been sent a Funny Postcard

sent a Funny Postcard

personal funny postcard


laughing funny postcard

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