Phone scam on the rise, some tips to avoid becoming victims.

It has been observed that cyber criminals are targeting innocent elderly people at home. The scam works by criminals posing as computer security engineer who is actively calling people at home. The scammer indicates on phone that their computer is at risk from Internet threats and they are computer security personnel calling them to fix this free of cost. Many times they inform that they are calling from Microsoft or some Tech Support department of some reputed local firm or a security vendor.

Once the scammer convinces their victim that they have a problem in their PC and they can help resolve it, they make the victim visit some particular website and download some tools that give complete remote access of their PC. The scammer then uses different kinds of deception techniques to steal money from the victim.

Some tips to avoid becoming victims of phone scam:

– Always be suspicious of unsolicited calls giving help on solving any kind of PC problem.
– You can be alert more particularly when you receive a call from any reputed company even if you have not asked for any tech support.
– Do not share any personal information or bank details, credit card details on phone to unknown caller.
– Do not download any tool or visit any website as instructed by the caller.
– Always use genuine Windows and keep it up to date.
– Have a good Internet Security software protection installed on your PC.
– Make user security updates are installed regularly.


Sanjay Katkar

Sanjay Katkar

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