Phishing email of Bank of India in Hindi.

Today I got 4 Bank of India phishing emails. As I had written a blog earlier the phishing attack on Bank of India is getting repeated every few days. Out of the 4 phishing attack emails that I received 3 were in English language but the fourth email was in local language Hindi.

This is the first time I have come across a phishing attack email on Indian bank with local language email. The email content looked like this.

The email message did not had any images like bank logo. Email had lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes

The English language phishing emails had bank logo and a well designed HTML page. The email had a content that asked user to visit the given link which was as below:

https:// il/

The above link points to a compromised server that is located in Israel. When visited the website it looked as below:

Fake Bank of India website asking for users PIN number.

This indicates that the attacker is doing all possible ways to lure the innocent users to click the like and reveal their account information along with PIN number.

The email is automatically blocked by Quick Heal AntiSpam and the link is blocked by the anti-phishing plug-in.

More news as things happen. I will keep on twitting on this topic as I get more information. Follow me on twitter @sanjaykatkar

Sanjay Katkar

Sanjay Katkar

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